Attica Springboks Rugby Club Ball

Casarma Estate

Nea Kifissia

19th December 2014


View of the smart pool area at the rear of the building used for summer events


Doggie Style at the chocolate fountain


Harriettes group pose
(Knob Goblin, Clitoria, Coke Dealer, Doggie Style, and Cabrio Laid)


Mad Dog with the harriettes


A birthday celebration & cake for one of the rugby players


As we consume bottles of wine the dancing starts.

Captain Sumo and Clitoria


Dancing the night away

Clitoria and Bouboulina have lots of energy


Even more bottles of wine later the jackets are off and ties loosened
(Captain Sumo looking very smart but not exactly sober)


At the end of the evening.
By the column - Our rugby playing host Teeny Boner



The address is also Kifisias #8 (a section of road in the middle of Dekelias Av.)


The address & details in a wedding venue website


Directions from the Northern Suburbs