Sunday 11.00 am

14th December 2014



Run 1893

Trail length

6.9 km

Mountain Goat

Starting location:

38o04’46.75”N, 23o50’50.07”E

Photos Captain Sumo
& web page Mad Dog


The trail



Satellite image


From 9.1 km up


Before the run




The Run and Walk









The Circle









The Taverna



The directions to the hash - for the record


Sunday December 14TH – 11am

Hare:  Mountain Goat

Venue: Penteli [up Xenias street and continue….]

On Inn:  tbc




Take the Main Street that connects MELISSIA to NEA ERITHREA. Its name is CHARILAOU TRIKOUPI STREET when it crosses KEFALARI. When you reach, on your right hand, SEMIRAMIS HOTEL (which is the one with the funny – mostly – pink balustrade glasses along its balconies) be careful: the first road on your right is DILIGIANNI STREET and the second one is XENIAS. Turn right on XENIAS. Take this road all the way uphill until you reach the cross road with AGIOU PANTELEIMONOS STREET, just before the famous (from past HHH Runs) MUSTANG CLUB. Turn left there and follow this road for exactly 1.5 km. There look for Hash Signs pointing to your left (see also the attached map, where you may see where the SEMIRANIS HOTEL is and where our run will start.


For the GPS alcoholics:

SEMIRAMIS HOTEL:   38o4’28.49”N – 23o49’16.19”E

Start of Run: 38o4’46.75”N – 23o50’50.07”E


IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST - either go home or call the hare.