Sunday 11.00 am

30th November 2014


(Olympic Rowing Centre)


Run 1891

Trail length

7.7 km

Run Organ-izer
Mad Dog

Starting location:

38° 8'26.32"N, 24° 0'40.66"E

Photos & web page: Mad Dog


The Trail



Before the run


Mad Dog gives directions to the runners and walkers


Visitors from the Amman (Capital city of Jordan) hash
(Looking For A Ride & Looking For a Stick )


The Run and Walk

The second group of walkers. The first group had eagerly gone ahead by themselves.

(L-to-R: Visitor Looking For a Stick, Doggie Style, Clitoria, and returnee Camel Toe)


Mad Dog shows where the running hashers joined the organized trail.


Typical trail marker for this 10km organized run - which had started at 10.30am


Mountain Goat with the hash horn


Heading towards the beach


Arriving at the beach. Rear Entry & Captain Sumo are already at the water's edge.


Fair Cop running with our visitor.


On on!


Mountain Goat


We catch up with the first group of walkers

(L-to-R: Coke Dealer with Jo and husband Pussy Basher)


Deserted beach (in the summer it would be packed on a Sunday)


Mountain Goat and Fair Cop are worried that our visitor may have got lost


No sun to shade from today!


Is everything prohibited on this beach?


Having found our visitor we continue following the official trail


Fire surveillance and fire hose system


Looking For a Ride is still going strong


Fair Cop charges through the Schinias forest


Some grassy areas between the forest


Finally back on the road leading past the entrance to the 2004 Olympic rowing centre


The Circle

Wet dream brings out the down-down beers


The hare's down-down - Mad Dog


Plastic cups instead of tankards today


First walkers group

(Pussy Basher & Coke Dealer)


The circle continues


Returnee Camel Toe and visitors ... Looking For a Stick & Looking For A Ride


The visitors are given AH3 visitors patches




At the end of the circle we take a group photo for Brian Gray our founder's birthday.


Then one for fun


The Taverna

The Indian restaurant on Marathonos Avenue at the Tumulus of the Athenians turn-off.

Giving the order to the waiter


A group photo opportunity while waiting for the food


Novel water tumbler


More photo opportunities while waiting (and waiting) for the food.

To pass the time, Fair Cop set up a sweepstake on when the food would arrive.

They were not expecting such a large group at lunch time.

In fact we seemed to be the only customers this Sunday.


A chance to chat


The (fancy, square) plates arrive. Things were looking up.


The food arrives - their version of a Samosa - quite good!


Hamish digs in



Another dish -plus- Naan bread


Eating underway


After a number of other dishes, a very sweet dessert


The restaurant's business card - which is under new ownership.
Next time we should call in advance now we have the phone number.
(Also we were given the number: 22946-56964)


The directions to the hash - for the record

Date: Sunday 30th November @ 11.00 am
Venue: Schinias (parking by the rowing centre)
Hare: Live run (sort of)
There is an organized 10km run through the Schinias forest and wetland. Some hashers may have registered and want to do this run which starts from the Moraitis Sports centre / beach at 10.30 am (see details and run map below).
We will park close to the start so that  we may follow part of the route and they can join us after the run. See maps below for our parking location (next to the Olympic Rowing Centre).
Parking turn-in at:  38° 8'26.32"N, 24° 0'40.66"E
Get yourself to the Nea Makri area (junction with the mountain road from Dionysos. There is a church here) and proceed along Leo. Marathonos towards Marathon
In 3.2 km you will see the sign for the Tumulus of Marathon on the right (The Indian restaurant is also here). Keep going straight.
In another 3.1 km you will see the sign for Schinias on the right. Turn RIGHT here.
In 2.95 km turn RIGHT for Schinias  (and the Olympic Rowing Centre).
In 1.7 km be sure to be in the left lane and turn LEFT into the large parking area on the other side of the dual carriageway. We meet somewhere in here.
In the event that there is a closed gate to the parking area we will just park at the entrance.
Runners participating in the organized race need to continue for another 500m  and turn right to continue to the Moraitis parking area.


The details of the official run:



Route of the official run - through the forest and then through the wetlands, and back to the Moraitis centre.





From downtown Athens, taking the Immitos Ring (the motorway that runs round the base of Mount Immitos) then the Attiki Odos to Rafina (Marathonos Ave) so to continue on till Schinias.


Strangely, another officially-organized run took place the previous day (Saturday) in the same area: