Sunday 11.00 am

23rd November 2014

+ On Inn at the
Annual Xmas Bazaar


Run 1890

Trail length

5.9 km

Rear Entry

Starting location:

38° 2'16.00"N, 23°47'43.06"E
Altitude 181 m

Photos & web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

Showing the start (and direction) of the run from CHOMA TIANOU Street

Note the herring-bone roofs of The Avenue mall and the Carefour supermarket behind


The trail crosses Kifissias Avenue underground via the tunnel

Note the blue fountain outside the Golden Hall mall


The complete trail


Pre-run circle

The hashers meet on Choma Tianou Street. It's cold with a threat of rain.


Hare Rear Entry misinforms the hashers about his trail


The Run and Walk

The front of the Golden Hall mall (with it's christmas tree) is seen in the background


Heading into the tunnel passing under Kifissias Avenue


Exiting onto an paper-littered street on the other side


The hare Rear Entry at one of his checks


Mountain Goat with Rear Entry on the footbridge crossing back over Kifissias Avenue


Passing along the side of the (2004) OAKA Olympic complex


Mad Dog - just after entering the Olympic complex


Mountain Goat heading towards the swimming centre


Up the steps to the upper level (Fair Cop & Mountain Goat)


A view of one of the pools (why isn't it being used?)


One of the Calatrava designed buildings


Heading for the huge Calatrava walkway


The runners and walkers meet for a group photo


An enlarged view of the group


The walkers inside the walkway


On On to the beer and circle


The Circle

Down downs for the hare Rear Entry and the walkers leader Clitoria


View of part of the circle


Down down for FRB Captain Sumo


RA Fair Cop and Clitoria


Bouboulina gets a beer


Fair Cop hands a beer to ...


... Rim Job for being last to arrive


Visitors Robyn and Amile


A bit embarrased but nice smiles


Clitoria's turn


Fair Cop and Mountain Goat


Knob Goblin tells us about her investigative trip to the island of Salamina
(Our Spring Weekend venue)


The International Christmas Bazaar

After the circle we headed to the Annual International Christmas Bazaar
held at the nearby Helexpo exhibition centre on Kifissias Ave.

Almost all the embassies have stands with include their national foods and drinks.



Even Greece as host nation has a stand


Hamish McTavish Esq. sits on Terry's stand


After a round of Ukranian vodka shots the hashers start sampling the wines
(L-to-R: Captain Sumo, Clitoria, Coke Dealer, and Robyn)


The group is joined by Mountain Goat and Knob Goblin


A large group of greek dancers proceed to the designated show area


And demonstrate a number of greek island dances


Santa Claus comes by


At first glance you think what?
Since when did North Korea have an embassy in Greece (or anywhere)?
But actually N stands for Notos which in Greek means South.
(Notos was the god of the South Wind, one of the four Anemoi or Wind-Gods)


Doggie Style poses by the Indonesian stand's magnificent temple god


At the Argentinian stand - a huge range of traditional wooden dolls


The directions to the hash - for the record

Sunday November 23RD – 11am
Annual International Christmas Charity Bazaar @ Helexpo Marousi
Hare:  Rear Entry
Venue: Chomatianou Street, behind Kosmopolis and Carrefour
On Inn:  Xmas Fair at Helexpo Palace [next to Carrefour] for some African & Indian spicy specialties…… entrance is free.

DIRECTIONS to the start of the run: 

from the North -
Go southwards on Kifisia avenue, take right hand slip road at OTE building which takes you over the top of Attiki Odos on Komvos Kifisias. Turn right just after KOSMOPOLIS centre (at Media Mart) onto Ziridis street then right again onto Dimokritou - on the right you will see CHOMATIANOU Street. We will meet there near the 5 x 5 football.

For Sat Navvies:

GPS 38.038053, 23.795335

IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST - either go home or call the hare