Athens Hash House Harriers - Run 1888

Sunday 9th November 2014

10km Road Race

Start time 08:50

Start location: Near the Zappion, End location: The Marble Stadium


Girl Scout's good deed for the day.

A section of the 10km runners bag storage area


The 10km runners bag storage area in the Aegli restaurant car park next to the Zappion


The Zappion building in morning light - about 08.30 am


Oh god, please hurry up, I'm going to miss the start!

Long lines at the toilets at 08.35 am and the run about to start at 08.50 am


Excavated parts of the ancient city situated next to the runners starting area.



See, block-4 is not only for the old fogies...


It's also for penguins


Mad Dog gets some girls to take his photo. The guys behind think it's funny.


The TV camera is rolling as we edge forward


The officials hold back the section behind us to give us more space & prevent a crush


We pass the start and the timing chip in our runners bib registers our start time.


Passing Syntagma Square and the Parliament building with its guards out front.



Passing the first music band of a number along the route


Here we are confined to one side of the street as runners will return on the other side


A counter registers the number of runners passing under the arch


A jazz band encourages us as we pass


Then we have the colourful percussion band




Theen we have the Powerade contribution. Great way to advertise!


Passing the Megaron Musikis music centre


The colourful ERGO arch


The turnaround


A mixture of new and old buildings


Mountain Goat


Mad Dog


Passing the Athens Hilton hotel


DHL buses line up to deliver the Marathon runner's storage bags


We pass the jazz band again


Police motor bikes escort officials


Getting close now


Changing the guard


Guards in traditional costume


Another percussion band - under cover in case yesterday's rain returns


Spectators cheer as we near the stadium


Entering the marble stadium


Running up to the finish line inside the stadium


Finished and heading back towards the entrance and the award of participation medals



Mountain Goat and Mad Dog with their medals



Group down-down


Of course, consuming alcohol in the stadium is not actually allowed :-)


Coke Dealer turns up last


First Marathon runner arriving - greeted by drummers in white


Our hashers cheering for the winners


Large numbers of spectators on the other side of the stadium



Volunteers ready to award the Marathon participation medals



Heading for the Plaka area


Plaka - one of the many coffee and eating establishments


Colourful street markets


The Monastiraki flea market area


All sorts of knickknacks for sale


Nearing the James Joyce - the Sunday street stalls causing congestion


Finally, the oasis of tranquility in among the bustle


Interior of the James Joyce irish pub - Pussy Basher on the left


Then the hungry and thirsty hashers ordered lunch...

Roast beef and yorkshire pudding (served separately)


The fish dish


Steak pie with mashed potatoes



Hamburger and chips (the burger pattie was very substantial)


After the meal more drinks were ordered...

Unfortunately Strawberry Foreskin & Leanover had just left, so didn't get in the photo


All proudly wearing their medals (did Bouboulina really run?)



NAME                            NET TIME           BIB NUMBER                AGE CATEGORY

-------                           ------------          ----------------             -------------------

Robyn Byrne                00:44:37             23195                           F  19-34

Huw Davies                  00:53:52             23202                           M 55-59

Jari Lindgren                00:54:26             23203                           M 45-49

Tassos Ravanis           00:54:40             23196                           M 45-49

Brian Kirman                00:57:53             23199                           M 60-64

Robert Helwig             01:01:09             23200                           M 40-44

Litsa Mastoraki            01:01:54             23201                           F  45-49

Lisa Marston                01:07:15             32372                           F  50-54

Robert Horne              01:19:29             28195                           M 65-69

Angelos Kilaidonis       01:26:51             23197                           M 65-69





NAME                            NET TIME           BIB NUMBER                AGE CATEGORY

-------                           ------------          ----------------             -------------------

Alethea Cummins        04:47:49             6412                              F 40-44



Miscellaneous images and information of interest

Knob Goblin's Marathon medal

10km Medal


10km Medal

Typical runner's bib

Reverse of bib

Timing chip integrated into the bib

Envelope containing bib, etc.

Route of the Marathon

Route for the 10km race

Diagram of the marble stadium, finisher's route, and facilities

10km winner's list - men and women

Marathon winners list - men and women (all competitors)

Marathon best time list - men and women (Greek nationals)