Sunday 11.00 am

26th October 2014

Winery Weekend

Run 1886

Wine tasting & meal

Trail length

6.1 km

Frosty Nuts &
Knob Goblin

Starting location:

37°52'20.05"N, 22°40'47.72"E

Photos: Mad Dog & Knob Goblin, Web page: Mad Dog

The Trail

The trail was laid clockwise, so we set off from the helicopter pad "H" around the back of the winery - as can be seen.


Map showing Ancient Nemea and the nearest main roads to the winery & trail


Before the run

Group photo showing the Semeli winery and guest house in the background


The Run and Walk


The hares at one of their checks


Our visitors from the Phoenix, Arizona hash join the hares




On On through the puddle.

Previous days of rain had made the yellow sand-clay soil very sticky & it built-up on the bottom of the hasher's running shoes.










Most of the trail passed through vineyards


The Circle


The hares (Knob Goblin & CU Rob) pose before their down-down



GM Mad Dog get's the visiting american hashers to introduce themselves.


From the Phoenix hash: CPA & Yank My Noodle


Note the shiggy socks & other hash gear they brought from the USA specially to hash with us.


Teeny Boner - came even later than Oxymoron (but managed to catch us up on the trail).


Birthdays and Anniversaries (Our visitors were celebrating a 10th wedding anniversary)


Back-to-back down down


Hash Naming Ceremony

See Captain Sumo's YouTube video of the naming:


Quote from CU Rob after someone requested heating at the winery due to the unusually cold weather:

"At least one of us wacky American types will likely still need A/C so hopefully they haven’t shut that off for the season"


Mad Dog read the text of the traditional hash
naming ceremony as witnessed by the circle.

And then...

CU Rob had properly declared that he is not worthy.


In the name of Gisbert...


Arise Frosty Nuts


The visitors present Frosty Nuts with a patch from their hash.


Wine tasting at the Palivos winery

After showering and checking out from the Semeli Guest House we drove down the mountain
and through New Nemea and on to Ancient Nemea. Here we stopped at the Palivos winery for
further wine tasting and wine purchases. Their wines and particularly the Rose wine are excellent!


The road sign for the winery


The entrance to the Palivos winery


Some of the winery's fermentation tanks


A display inside the wine tasting and wine purchase room.


Yes, its the hashers having a great time sampling different wines again.





Clitoria and Coke Dealer


Souvlaki Lunch

This eating and snack place is located almost opposite the archaeological site entrance.

The lady was suprised to receive a large group all wanting food but managed to produce
a souvlaki meal for us with chips and salad + lots of red and white wine, of course.



The entrance


Hashers drinking red and white wine while waiting for the souvlaki meal.

Winery and Restaurant info.

Restaurant - Snack bar where we had lunch




The delicious Bee rose cost 6-euros per bottle.


Grape variety Agioritiko means 'of Saint George'





Wine purchases

Well, one gets carried away sometimes.

R: Palivos wines,    L: Semeli wines