25th October 2014

Winery Weekend


Fun Time


Wine Tasting


Photos: Mad Dog & Knob Goblin, Web page: Mad Dog


The Semeli Winery




>>> Panoramic view from the winery >>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>








Before the winery tour and wine tasting


Yes, you guessed right ... wine drinking (no time is wasted on a hash weekend!)


The Winery Tour and Wine Tasting

Huge fermentation tanks


This unusual winery layout is on 4-levels and we climb to the top level


Here the red grapes are brought in on a conveyer belt and crushed for juice (must) and red skins
and poured directly into the top of the vats by the machinery being shown to our group.
The skins (used for colouring the wine red) float and to bring them down to the bottom the must is
circulated in the vats from bottom to top by the pumps and the pipes seen in the photo.



Looking down on other storage vats


Mad Dog & Doggy Style pose for a snap


The bottom level is where the fermented wine is poured into french-oak casks and aged for 1 or 2 years
at an even low temperature. These (expensive) barrels are only used for 3 batches of wine before being
sold on to small wine producers with less demanding requirements.





The (not too) serious business of wine tasting begins in the main hall of the winery.


Score cards help keep track of favorites.


CU Rob asks a question of our tour guide


We are left with the bottles of wine to finish off - which doesn't take long.


We sit down to relax in the main hall before the meal is served







The Evening Meal at the Winery



A chance to take a group photo or two before the main course is served.



Now we get down to some really good eating and wine drinking.
Notice how the number of wine bottles is proliferating.
Pussy Basher brought his hi-fi system and provided us with music before and during the meal.
For dancing, Clitoria brought her USB stick which we played through the winery's system.




Dancing and fun


Plenty of space for dancing here. Later more hashers joined in.


Jo tries out all the space.

Clitoria has fun with visiting hasher Yank My Noodle.


The wine is making everyone playful .


Mad Dog stops for another refreshment break. Hell! Who needs a glass?


Evening views from the winery





Wine and Guest House info.

Notes are at the bottom of this section.












Semeli winery guesthouse contact:




For the directionally challenged - directions to the Semeli winery in Nemea…




Menu for the Saturday evening group meal (cost 25 euros pp) with unlimited wine:


1 Salad: we need to agree on ONE of the following:-

Greek salad OR Green salad [GREEK SALAD?]


3 Appetisers:

Pie [cheese OR spinach OR leek] [LEEK?]

Grilled feta

Stuffed vine leaves


1 Main course – we need to agree on ONE of the following:-



or Vegetarian option for whoever in the group wants ONE of the following:-



1 Sweet: we need to agree on ONE of the following:-