Sunday 11.00 am

19th October 2014



Run 1885

Trail length

< 8.1 km

Mountain Goat

Starting location:

38°9'47.87"N, 23°47'21.43"E

Photos & web page: Mad Dog



The Trail

The start was from the fountain in Varibobi (a km or so after passing the front gate of the royal estate)


An altitude range of approximately (540m-440m) 100m down and back up


Location of trail with respect to the National Road to Lamia, etc (R) and Mount Parnitha (L)


Before the run


The hare Mountain Goat describes his trail


That way (or maybe not)


The Run and Walk

We head into the Tatoi royal estate and come across the first of the derelict properties


"This way" calls Mountain Goat


The trail leads us through one of the larger buildings


On the staircase (L to R): Shampoo George, Mountain Goat and Fair Cop


Shampoo George exits the building


The back side of the Royal summer palace


Mountain Goat stands next to the now covered and fenced-off royal swimming pool.

It's very sad to see the palace and grounds still in this state after so many years since it's expropriation
by the Greek State. When will it be repaired and turned into a museum as promised?


Shampoo George and Mad Dog at the same location.

The front of the summer palace can just be seen in the background.


We leave the roadway of the estate and head off into a field


The grass has actually been cut


The trail crosses the main road and heads uphill through the forest


On up!


Scenic forestland


We come across the walkers and Fair Cop poses with them.

L-to-R: Clitoria, Coke Dealer, Doggy Style, Fair Cop, Fair Cop's mum


Vista of forest on the lower slopes of Mount Parnitha


Fair Cop runs on ahead


Mad Dog still going strong


Back at the fountain after the run Shampoo George hands out
pieces of a very tasty country-style loaf he has brought with him.
Note Captin Sumo's scratched knees.


The Circle

Hashers circle-up


Shampoo George get a down down with Mountain Goat (hare)



Captain Sumo's DIO



The Taverna

38°11'21.70"N, 23°47'11.01"E

Doggie Style at the entrance to the Labros taverna


The other hashers also head for the taverna from the car park


Hungry hashers wait for the drinks and food to be served



Large tasty pork chops


...and large Biftekis


Oxymoron chomps on his pork chop while Wet Dream tries to take a bite.


The taverna's business card



The Labros tavena (from the fountain - continue on the main road - and after a couple of km it's off on the right)


The directions to the hash - for the record



Sunday October 19th  – 11am


Hare:  Mountain Goat

Venue: Ano Varibobi

On Inn:  tbc




Follow the road signs to Varibobi, cross the Varibobi Bridge (Flyover) the National Road to Lamia, continue on this windy road, that after a while becomes a long straight road going uphill, at the junction with the road coming from Tatoi Airport turn right, continue straight uphill (do not turn left towards Varibobi village).

At the end of this road you will be forced to turn left (because straight there is the closed (back) gate to the ex- King’s residence)

Follow this road for more than 1 km, pass the group of taverns (Thea, Panorama and Agios Mercourios) on your right hand, after about 1km more you pass the big pic nick area on your left, the main gate to the ex-King’s palace on your right, then you continue for another 750 m and you come to, the already known from the past, meeting place, where the Spring at the north edge of the ex-King’s properties are. Our run will start from there (and it will be marked with some hash signs I still have).

Please be careful, because apparently this area has become lately very popular for Sunday drivers, so, in case this place will be really crowded, we will have to consider finding an alternative decent (and safe) parking place along the road.

IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST - either go home or call the hare: MG on his mobile