Sunday 27th July 2014

H4 Run 1914

Houston, Texas

Annual Fiestavus Run

(Mexican themed)

Pussy Checker. Ménage Myself.
Smooth Stroker and Spread 'em Ho!

30° 1'18.99"N, 95°19'24.81"W
End: 30° 0'59.43"N, 95°17'29.24"W

Trail length: 7 km ( 4.3 miles)

Photographer: Mad Dog

Web page: Mad Dog


- T H E    T R A I L -

Green marks the start


View of trail from 102 km up


- T H E     R U N -

We park along the road outside a show-house on a new estate still under construction.

The manager is saying "Why are all these people parking here?" He and his assistant are really puzzled.

Are these folks interested in buying a new home? It's really funny!


The cars keep arriving


A huge turnout for Fiestavus. It's a very popular event in Houston


Lots of cold water for the runners


So many hashers a megaphone is needed for the "chalk talk"


Yes, that many hashers!!

We are told that the trail markers are red ribbons tied in the bushes and trees


So off everyone sets, runners and walkers


Straight into the woods and shiggy


Oops! That could be awkward


Dense undergrowth appears.

The hanging red ribbons can be seen near the hasher's back



Branches to climb under and creepers across the path to trip you up and thorns all over the place


Yes, thorns!


Out of the woods and onto a dirt road


The trail leads down a earth bank


And then another one


Then out into the open


Fabulous greenery. Sadly, huge areas like this are being bulldozed to clear the land for new homes.


It's very hot and humid and the runners decide to walk a little.


Sassafras is one of the main ingredients in root beer.


Wild subtropical vegetation loves the heat and humidity




Walking along fallen treetrunks over a fireant's nest and getting stung.

Didn't know they were fire ants until later when the typical white-headed blisters starting appearing on the skin.


Brushing and washing-off ants


OnOn along the wooden pathway in the park




Amazing creepers climbing up to the top of the tree.

Tarzan would have loved these!


Inside the park


Ceramics & a climbing Gnome nailed to the treetrunk. This is a fun idea!




The park exit gate



Park facilities


Back into shiggy and planted conifers


Another construction site. Houses are going up everywhere round Houston. Mainly of wooden-frame construction.

The contractors do try to make each house different in design. A mix of two-story houses and bungalows.

All have double garages as cars are a necessity in Houston





Sheeting is nailed to the wooden frame



The end of the trail is next to the construction site


Lots of food and beer is provided



The promised swimming pool is dragged to the centre of the circle location. This is the annual joke.

How many hashers brought swimming gear?


- T H E     C I R C L E -

The RA Whales Vagina is wearing floatation aids on his upper arms addition to the joke.


The hare's down-down


The virgins


The returnees


The JM's go round with the cones of silence to catch people talking in the circle. With this many people discipline is required.



Anniversary time (20 years married)


Geek and wife made to do a "69" drinking beer from plastic cups


Great attempt but not as flexible as they used to be.


A young couple also have to do a "69" but with peices of cake.


Parson's Nose with his large glass filled with beer


Tender Vittles with hash dog Merlin in the circle


TV and Merlin


The circle was long and the weather hot, so some hashers decided to sit


The Chili Pepper Pinata is swung round on a rope


The 4 harriettes try to break it open with their batons


After they succeed, the hashers dash forward to get one of the gifts that have been released onto the ground.

These included mini-aircraft kits that were quickly assembled - but sadly the aeroplanes did not fly well.


Tender Vittles manages to grab a gift. Merlin is more interested in smells


Next, some harriettes hand out water balloons and the hares get drenched -

- then a general free-for-all starts


Almost everyone is getting wet.


A harriette shows her bathing top with LED lights inserted


- T H E    O N - A F T E R -

At a local bar. We didn't attend. Father and Grandfather duties called.


DIRECTIONS (From the H4 web site)


H4 #1914 — Fiestavus

When Sun, July 27, 4pm – 8pm

Where 6822 Oaken Gate Way (map)

Description Not much going on today...except a little thing we call Fiestavus!

Celebrating its 7th epic year, your hares for this 4pm run are Pussy Checker. Ménage Myself. Smooth Stroker and Spread 'em Ho!

This 4pm run features three kegs of Mexican beer and a keg equivalent in cans, Jell-O shots, tacos, tamales, pinatas with adult prizes, prizes on trail, relay races, pepper eating contest, luchadors, a separate walkers trail, karaoke at the on after, and the traditional pool ending. ...

Unfortunately the run is not dog friendly. There are portions of the run where pets are not allowed. Trust us, we're the hares...

Directions to the 4pm start: From downtown: - Head north on 59 - Exit 1960 and turn left (west) - Turn right (north) on Cypresswood - Turn right (east) on Cypresswood Point - Just past the swimming pool complex turn (south) on Pastel Sky Way. - Turn left (east) on Oaken Gate Way and find yourself at the start.

Approximate address: 6822 Oaken Gate Way, Humble, TX (Just North of the George Bush Intercontinental Airport).

ON ON to Fiestavus7!




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