Sunday 20th July 2014

H4 Run 1913

Houston, Texas

Take it in the Bronx and HareiOla

Start: 29°43'57.33"N,
End: 29°44'11.96"N, 95°23'49.79"W
Beer Check #1: ?

Trail length: 4.9 km

Photographer: Mad Dog

Web page: Mad Dog


- T H E    T R A I L -

The start is in a park


Location view -from 84 km up


- T H E     R U N -

Heading downtown to the hash.

Combined road and pedestrian arched-bridges cross the freeway


Before the run & walk


"Chalk talk" from the hare as he explains his symbols


The runners are away!


Sign next to a bridge crossing the freeway

This IS Texas



Freeway with 5 lanes each way (not including the emergency lane)

Note the bridges in the distance.


Parson's Nose (ex-Athens Hash) is a good runner


Parson's Nose again


Mad Dog pauses while Parson's Nose takes a couple of snaps


Mad Dog again.

Note: Many of the hashers wear long socks to protect against the nasties in the long grass and shiggy
(Note: Not so necessary on a downtown street run) .


Nice patches of greenery


A fine tree-lined boulevard in a rich neighbourhood


A million dollar (and more) home. One of many on this street.


Beer check under the trees


Beer check from the back of a jeep belonging to one of the hares


This section of freeway has 5-lanes each side and 3 in the middle


Enlarged view showing the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane which gives vehicles with 1 or more passengers a priority lane
to avoid the traffic jams & encourage car-pooling .


City paddling pool where the kids can have fun (and a place for adults to cool off and play with their children)


Flowers and seats in the middle of this quiet city road.


Smart sign marks the road entrance to apartments


The On-In is at one of the hare's houses


Cooling off in front of the house on this baking hot day


In his back yard the hare has provided the food for the hashers.

Out of each 5-dollar hash-cash contribution, 4-dollars goes towards covering the hare's cost for beer & food

and the other 1-dollar goes to the mismanagement committee for running expenses.


Hungry hashers and harriettes line up to serve themselves


Meat, beans, dips, chips, cheeses & fruit is laid out.


Parson's Nose (blue cap) makes his vegetarian selection


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Back-yard circle is called


The Hares are called into the circle first as usual


Then it's the hash virgin's turn. They are made to wear fluorescent yellow jackets while on the run and in the circle

- and are subjected to a bit of teasing.


The RA fills their tankards from pitchers of beer kept in the circle


Tender Vittles is made to wear the "Cone of Silence" and sit on the ground for excessive talking in the circle.

Meanwhile the "accusation time" continues.


More accusations.


The RA shows his underwear


More fun


A pow-wow is formed for naming a harriette ( 7-years a ruck) (she plays rugby)


- T H E     O N - A F T E R -

A mexican restaurant with a bar and outside covered seating area



We pose for a group photo (Tender Vittles on the left)


DIRECTIONS (From the H4 web site)

H4 #1913 — Take it in the Bronx and HareiOla

Run #1913: 20 July (Sunday), 15:00

Hareloa and Take it in the Bronx cum together to get it ON-ON for the first time as they hare their virgin hash to bring in Take it in the Bronx's twlight years.

As Bronx hits his mid-life crisis, mind him as he ogles shamelessly at women way too young for his old self. Add to that don't be surprised if you catch him ogling slender men too as his eye sight is going (and let's not forget he lives in Montrose).

So cum one cum all and ease or as we hashers say pre-lube Bronx into AARP, social security, and medicare.

Old Fuddy Duddy Attire: Bring your Grandma's and Grandpa's thrift shop clothes (or for our old hashers... come as you are!). Wear your suspenders, mismatched floral prints, bow ties, high-waisted jorts (Just for you Shigmatta), calf socks, Jesus sandals, white sunblocked noses, bad breath, dentures, round over-sized glasses, and hearing aids. Boys AND girls... don't forget to be unshaven ;). We want you as hairy as possible!

And although this is only a 3-4 mile "city hash" except some ankle high shiggy... "GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN!" ;)

So let's all go "OVER THE HILL" with Bronx together!

This hash is brought to you for the first time by Hareola and Take it in the Bronx ...... and a "Mystery Hare" ;)

For more information on the day of the run, call the hotline, which is updated daily. 71-DIAL-HASH.

(updated 7-11-14, Snatcha)



Sun Jul 20, 2014 3pm – 7pm Central Time


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