Sunday 13th July 2014

H4 Run 1912

Houston, Texas

Hare: Backseat Yogurt

End: 29°47'16.44"N, 95°21'54.68"W
Beer Check #1: ?

Trail length: 5.75 km ( 3.57 miles)

Photographer: Mad Dog

Web page: Mad Dog


- T H E    T R A I L -

The start is the parking lot of the Woodland Community Center


The trail - close to downtown houston


Showing the freeways surrounding the downtown district


Showing the location relative to the 610 freeway loop surrounding central houston


- T H E     R U N -

















- T H E     C I R C L E -







- T H E     ON-ON -



DIRECTIONS (From the H4 web site)


Sun, July 13, 4pm – 8pm


Woodland Community Center, 212 Parkview Street, Houston, TX 77009, United States (map)


In deference to requests (and to maximize the number of hounds baying, not to mention me catching the match too), this Sunday's run has been pushed back a bit. Updated pack gather time: 4:00(ish, let's see if they go into overtime) Updated pack off time: 4:30(ish) Same start location: Woodland Community Center, 212 Parkview. True trail is short enough that we will likely still get to start circle by 6pm. N.B. If the game goes into overtime, this might get pushed back a bit. Good thing we are in DST.

-backseat Yogurt --------------------------------------------------- It has been claimed that there is 0% shiggy in the Heights. I was curious if this was true, so I checked satellite maps of the area and physically scouted the results. I found a nice pair of cups for Sunday, small but pert and pleasant with turtles diving, dragonflies dancing, and the occasional heron relaxing. To celebrate, we are going to have a run.

Details: Shiggy socks optional (but recommended as a some PI was seen) Dog friendly Bike friendly if you're willing to range Virgin ending For more information on the day of the run, call the hotline, which is updated daily. 71-DIAL-HASH.






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