Sunday 15th June 2014

H4 Run 1908

Houston, Texas

Hare:  A$$wipe and Shigmata

Start: 29°48'39.30"N, 95°25'35.97"W
29°49'0.41"N, 95°26'34.44"W

Trail length: 5.36 km (3.33 miles)

Photographer: Mad Dog

Athens Hashers in Houston

Tender Vittles, Krazie Puppy, Parson's Nose, Juices Flowing, All Head No Shaft, Hungary Pussy, and visiting - Mad Dog & Doggie Style

Common hazards on trail in Houston

Mosquitoes, fire ants (sting causes blister), snakes (water moccasin), poison ivy (oil from leaves causes itchy rash) [wear long socks]

Eye-level brambles and creepers [use protective glasses]

Tropical storms - frequent lightning [kiss your ass goodbye]

Heat and humidity resulting in soaking-wet T's [some hashers run without shirts]

Land owners with guns

Most trails are A -to- B and live hare
Hashers bring bags with change of clothes, etc. which are taken on a truck (the sag wagon) to the end point - where a keg of beer is also delivered, along with food.
Hash cash is 5 dollars for each hasher. 4 dollars of this go to the hare(s) for the food and beer and 1 dollar
to the MMC.


- T H E    T R A I L -



- T H E     R U N -

A location with a large parking area is needed for the 50 - 80 hashers and their large trucks and SUV's


Hashers gather before the run


And they are off!


Note drainage ditches on each side of the road to cope with the sub-tropical rain storms.


Lots of green grass in Houston


Wide roads with wide well-mowed grassy medians & good footpaths


Muddy section where part of a new section of a freeway is under construction


We run through the courtyard of an apartment block




- T H E     C I R C L E -

The two 'live' hares


Hashers bring their own tankards and fill them from the beer keg's uber tap



Virgin hashers are made to wear yellow tops



A uber-tap & foot-pump is awarded for service to the hash


Tender Vittles (Mauricio) called into the circle with dog Merlin


A bridge is formed for the DFL (last) hasher


New trainers




- T H E   ON-ON -

Skipped due to baby duty

- T H E   D I R E C T I O N S -


Sun, June 15, 4pm – 8pm


1521 N Loop W Fwy Houston, TX 77008 (map)


-Bring your own drinking vessel. -The hares will be in special attire. -Trail is three miles, with no poison ivy seen (and I looked for it). -15.5 gallons of Love Street Kolsch plus 10 gallons of ice water. -Shaded, virginal ending. -Sheesh people, what more do you want? Come out, run the trail, drink the beer, go home happy. Ass Swipe and Shigata

For more information on the day of the run, call the hotline, which is updated daily. 71-DIAL-HASH. (updated 6-10-14, Snatcha)





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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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