Sunday 4th May 2014

Leonidio, Arkadia, Peloponnese

37° 9'59.14"N, 22°51'32.07"E

Stock photo from previous year showing The Bookmaker on the right

Advertising flyer


Advertising flyer


Early birds on the beach outside the Apollon hotel in Tyros- Clitoria & Captain Sumo



Posing by a statue - Doggie Style, Clitoria & Captain Sumo


A tower in the scenic village


Impressive rocky cliffs dominate the village


The youngsters line up for their 2 km race


The hard-working organizers register the runners and give out the number bibs


>>>>>>> Panoramic view of the spectators and village square >>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>>


Village officials give short speeches before the race begins


View from the other side of the street. The youngsters are waiting to start their race.


The two motorcyclists are ready to follow the runners and report any problems.


Almost time to start the race!


Another view with the rock cliffs


Meanwhile, the hashers gather in the square - having driven over in separate cars from Tyros


Oxymoron & Dozy Bitch have come as supporters


And now it's the start of the adult 5 km race

Fiery Twat and Mad Dog can be seen at the front on the left...

and Captain Sumo, Knob Goblin and Fishy Dangler behind them.


The spectators wait for the runners to return


The first runner to arrive has a time of 17 mins and is a long way ahead of all the others.


First hasher to arrive is Captain Sumo


Then Fiery Twat


Next - Knob Goblin


Next - Rear Entry


Next - CU Huw


Next - Fishy Dangler


Next - Knob Goblin's visiting friend Quinn


Next - Coke Dealer


Next - Crystal


Next - Mad Dog


Next - Rocket Socket


And finally - Mountain Goat (still suffering from a knee injury)


Memorial column


The Winners - by gender and by age group

The spectators look on as the winners are announced by name








Knob Goblin - 1st and Crystal - 3rd in their age category


Fiery Twat - 1st in her age category (44 -to- 71)



Group photo after the event



The Taverna

FT suggested this excellent taverna (a little way further down the coast) and led us there in her car.



Arriving at the taverna


Taverna menu



The food was excellent & more than we could eat for 15 euros / head


Driving back to Tyros after lunch

Old windmills high up on the rocky cliffs


A long way up to carry bags of corn for grinding


Fine views out to sea on the road back to Tyros


Back in Tyros

On the beach outside the hotel - the sea is cold but some hashers go for a quick dip & dry-off in the sun


Then it's time to take advantage of the fine afternoon and also get-in some sunbathing


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