Athens Hash - Away weekend

Combined Splash Hash & Athens Hash event

Saturday 3rd May 2014



Hare: Fiery Twat

Athens Hash run No. 1868


Staying at the Apollon Hotel in Parallia (sea-front / lower) Tyros....

The hotel is very close to the Marina

Location: 37°14'39.91"N, 22°52'2.12"E


View from MD & DS's hotel window


Guess who were first on the beach?


Driving in convoy to The Bookmaker's and Fiery Twat's pad in the mountain village of Upper Tyros


Fiery Twat hands out Splash Hash T-shirts and others that The Bookmaker no longer needed


Checking T-shirts for size.


Hostess and hare Fiery Twat


Pre-run circle



The Run & Walk

Oops! It's not down there, it's to the left


Returning from the first falsie


Running down between village houses


We the runners bump into the walkers


Heading up the mountain through beautiful spring flowers


On up!


Mountain top lost in the clouds


View down to Parallia Tyros & the fine (and expensive-looking) football pitch of upper Tyros village


Coke Dealer - with mountain peak in the background


Captain Sumo does a screaming 'about turn' in an olive grove


"That way " says Fiery Twat the hare


Coke Dealer poses with a fine downhill view in the background


The runners stop for a breather & a stretch at a falsie


>>>>>>>>> Panoramic view down to the sea and Parallia Tyros >>>>>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>>>




Runners come round the corner all in a line


The hare's special falsie


The clouds are moving down


Back onto a main road through the village


View off from the road - with Rocket Socket and Mad Dog


Pre-Circle activities


Making friends with FT's ex-race horse Sonnet


Doggie Style with Sonnet


Hashers pose for a group photo



The Circle

Mad Dog presents the Hare with a hash necklace made by Haberdasher Rocket Socket


The hares DIO


Knob Goblin with friend Quinn


Drink it or wear it!


Clitoria & Mountain Goat


The circle


Rocket Socket


Mountain Goat & Fiery Twat


Clitoria "checks out" the virgin hasher Quinn


He has to answer the 4 questions


Sue and Sophia sit it out


The Taverna

We gather at 8.30 pm outside our hotel (The Apollon) to walk to the taverna


The lights are on in the marina and a fishing boat returns.



Group photo in the taverna


Group photo in the taverna (Enlarged)


Nothing much left of the mountains of food (meat & fish ) and drink (wine & beer).

The Trail details

START CO-ORDS: 37°14'22.28"N, 22°50'31.70"E   


TRAIL LENGTH:     Abt. 6 km



The Directions to Tyros

Directions: Drive to Tyros……. :-)