27th April 2014

Athens Hash Run No. 1867

Hare: Mountain Goat

Photos & web page: Mad Dog

Starting location P (on road down to the cemetary):
GPS 38°05'5.99"N, 23°54'40.34"E
Altitude: 423 metres




And now for the photos...


We set off but unfortunately the previous night's rain
has washed-out most of the flour blobs marking the trail.

The front runners charge ahead along the mountain path and can just be seen.

The mountainside is covered in spring flowers and broom bushes

Mad Dog posing with broom bushes either side

The hare Mountain Goat


The Dionysos marble quarry

We spot an amazing waterfall - not seen in the summer

Close-up of the waterfall and cave

Location of waterfall and cave

38° 5'44.44"N, 23°54'13.40"E

The village of Rapentosa

The heavy rain now starts to fall and we hear thunder.

We arrive at the Sanctuary of Dionysos

Mad Dog looks like a drowned rat


Sheltering inside the reconstructed choregic monument


Mountain Goat also gets out of the rain

Compare this photo to the previous photo of the Dionysos marble quarry.


The rain pours down

Fiery Twat comes charging by






All the runners are soaked to the skin, so no taverna organised.


The Directions

Sunday 27th April 2014  - 11am

Hare: Mountain Goat [birthday boy ]

Venue: German Cemetery - out past Dionysos

On Inn: tbc



  1. a.      Coming from Athens, Kifissia, Ekali, etc.: just after Ekali turn right towards Dionyssos and Nea Makri, follow this road until you pass Dionyssos and you come to a sign pointing left to the German Cemetery. Follow this road towards the Cemetery and look for HHH signs.
  2. b.      Coming from along the coast road: when you are in Nea Makri take the road signposted to Dionyssos and then, after driving a long way up to the top of the hill to Aghios Petros and then down towards Dionyssos, turn right at the sign pointing to the German Cemetery.
  3. c.       Coming from Palaia Pendeli when you reach Aghios Petros turn left and do as in (b) here above.


Lost? Still drunk? Disorientated? Just plain stupid?

look at the attached map!

Lost again: call M.G.

Continue to be lost: turn back and go home! This is not your running day…