Nea Kifissia

Easter Sunday

Run & BBQ

Date 2014

AH3 Run 1866

Hare: Captain Sumo   

Photos: Mad Dog & Captain Sumo

Web page: Mad Dog

38° 5'49.19"N

Google elevation: 241 metres

Trail length: 9.5 km


The Trail

The trail from 2.6 km up


From 14.7 km up



Before the run

Morning food preparations - Strawberry Cheesecake and Tabouli


Arriving at Rear Entry's pad


Visiting hasher "The Vicar" assisting with roasting the Easter lamb

Visitors Simon and Teresa pose by the BBQ


Fair Cop opens the pre-run circle


Hare Captain Sumo describes (?) the trail he has set for the runners


The Run and Walk


















Paintball bunkers


Paintball course and bunkers















The Easter Meal





The Circle





The directions to the hash - for the record

Venue: start from Rear Entry’s pad [ Nafpliou 14, Nea Kifisia map attached ]

On Inn: see above…..

[as Rear Entry will supply the meat – can hashers please bring other food: SALADS, APPETIZERS, SWEETS etc]


Go along the National Road (Ethniki Odos) and take the Kifissia turn off (at the Pines Hotel) in the Ekali / Kifissia direction. Go round the roundabout and so turn left (9 O'clock) and then go under the underpass under the National Road (Ethniki Odos). Continued below **

From N. Erithrea, turn off KIFISSIAS at H. Trikoupi, and go down towards N. Road. Pass Kamikazi and keep going down. At the big roundabout go straight over and then drive under the underpass - Continued below **

From the centre, drive up Kifissias Ave. and pass through the centre ofKifissia. Pass the cinema on the right and seeing the Shell petrol station on the right, turn left at the traffic lights into H. Trikoupi (for the National Road or Ethniki Odos). Keep straight (with slight deviations) until you come to the roundabout (which is just before the National Road). Go straight across the roundabout and pass UNDER the National Road. Continued below **

** Exactly after the underpass and after 2 blocks turn right and after another 2 blocks turn left - after 30 metres stop at the address: Nafpliou 14, Nea Kifisia {Tassos pad}. 


NOTE: Due to the one-way streets the directions following "after the underpass" need to be modified.