Merenda Stables

30th March 2014

AH3 Run 1863

Hare: Fair Cop   

Photos: Mad Dog
Web page: Mad Dog

37° 52' 19.61"N
23° 57' 47.72"E

Google elevation: 74 metres

Trail length: ? km


The Trail

Unfortunately the battery power on the GPS position recorder ran out before the end of the run.


View of the trail from 10km up


Before the run



RA Fair Cop is today's hare and describes his run


The Run and Walk

The run starts uphill


For fun Fair Cop plays a game of "chicken" with live bee hives and gets away without being stung


More uphill trail


Downhill in the direction of the Equestrian centre


Uphill again! Mountain Goat in the foreground


Local dogs are excited to see all the hashers run by


A carpet of Spring flowers


Captain Sumo returns from checking for trail continuation at a check


Rear Entry runs past a vineyard


Fair Cop follows


Fair Cop has cunningly arranged the trail so that we meet up with the walkers


The walkers pose for a photo


Fair Cop poses next to his instruction to head down to the road



Getting to the road requires cutting through tall shiggy...


...and a rocky area of burnt-out pine woods


At last, the road leading back to the on-in and beers


The Circle

The hashers have a pre-circle drink and chat


Behind the seated Hamish McTavish Esq. are the Merenda stables buildings



Two hash virgins are "inspected" by Clitoria


The Taverna

The Sotiris souvlaki taverna in Markopoulo

13 euros each - for kokoretsi, kondosouvli, giro hirino (pork), pork chops with starters, chips
& complementary large biftekis stuffed with cheese (the best item) + beer & wine



The directions to the hash - for the record

Venue: Markopoulo / Merenda riding stables

On Inn: Sotiris taverna

> Directions:
> Take the Attiki Odos as if going to the Airport
> Follow the signs to Markopoulou
> ie do NOT take the turn off right to the airport
> Continue along this road towards Markopoulou (& Lavrion)
> You also pass a Tyrokameio (Cheese Emporium) on your right
> As you approach Markopoulou there are 2 sets of lights 200m apart
> Do not take these just keep going South towards Lavrion
> You pass a LIDL supermarket on your right
> About 1km or so later (the 2nd or 3rd set of lights) there is a junction
> for the Olympic Equestrian Centre and the new race track ***
> Turn left here as if going to the Equestrian Centre or racetrack .
> Go down this dual carriageway for 1 or 2km
> You come to a junction where a small road crosses the racetrack road
> NB: This is the SECOND set of lights along this road
> Turn right here - we meet about 1km along this road on the right (at the Merenda stables)
>  37°52'20.20"N
>  23°57'47.68"E
> Coming from the South (eg Glyfada, Vari, Voula etc)
> Take the Vari-Koropi-Markopoulou Road
> ie turn right at Koropi for Markopoulou
> You come to the junction on the Lavrion Rd
> Turn right, pass the LIDL and follow directions as above

Lost? Still drunk? Disorientated? Just plain stupid?

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