16th February 2014 - Run Number 1858

Ano Melissia
(Open Air theatre)

Hare: Mad Dog

Trail length: 6.25 km

Starting location: 38° 3'54.06"N, 23°50'31.33"E      Starting altitude: 357 metres




The Run

Returning from the first falsie




Climbing up from the river bed to the rear of the Amelia Fleming (Tsagaris) hospital


Rim Job finds his own way up


View stop in the rear car park of the hospital


Running past the (ex) emergency entrance of the hospital


Clitoria and Doggie Style pose on their walk
(in the woodland just below the hospital grounds)


Mad Dog stands in the very early Spring flowers


On on!


The Melissia high Street - Fair Cop & Mountain Goat


The Melissia high Street - Fair Cop & Mad Dog


A falsie into a children's playground


Back at the theatre

Teeny Boner does some stretching exercises



Fishy Dangler had brought some of his home-made beer for us to sample


The Circle

The hare - GM Mad Dog



Rim Job's improvised costume


RA Fair Cop conducts the (sitting) circle


Fishy Dangler get a down-down for bringing his home-made beer

(No good deed goes unpunished)


Hash Flash Captain Sumo


Our Hon-Sex Clitoria receives her 450-run badge


Mountain Goat


Fair Cop gets a down-down


Our Hash Cash Wet Dream


The Trail

The trail was set counter-clockwise


Altitude profile of the trail-from left to right ( a 125 metre altitude range)


View from 10.4 km up


Ano Melissia open-air theatre - trail start location and circle
Mageenas taverna is just a few metres walk away


The Taverna



The Directions (Just for the record)

This Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of Carnival.

So try to wear something carnivally like a hat, a wig or a mask (or even better, a costume).
(Hint: Available in stores like Sklavanitis or Jumbo)

Those with caricature faces come as they are :-)
We will have a run / walk round Melissia and amuse the locals.
The ON-INN will be at Mageenas Taverna - right next to the Open Air Theatre.

Ano Melissia - Open Air Theatre - At the Northern end of Iroon Polytechniou Street. (Next to the famous (?) Mageenas Taverna)

From the South:
Follow Kifissias Ave northwards towards Maroussi and at the Maroussi square & Germanos building on the left, turn RIGHT for Melissia, (see small sign for Melissia in Greek). Carry on up this road (Odos Pendelis ...changing to Democratias further up) until you come to a hairpin bend. After the bend, ski shop (right) and kiosk (left) continue on up until you see a large BP petrol station on your left (just before you enter the centre of Melissia). You need to turn LEFT here but you can't (legally). You must turn Right and go round the grass island (as the sign indicates) in order to turn left. Continue on up the hill (this is 25th March street), passing the Amelia Fleming hospital on your right and continue STRAIGHT on, through the traffic lights at the cross roads (when green!).

Continued Directions for all routes >>>>>
Continue straight and pass the big Eleftherias square (Ano Melissia) on your right and then St. George's church on your right (Note: the road has now become 17th November street).

After passing the church just continue on this road (after a while it will curve to the right) and shortly you will come to the taverna area (you will see a bus stop on the left). Park around here or turn right and go down and park around or behind the Theatre / playground area.

From Kifissia / Ekali / Politia etc:
Come the back way on Harilaou Trikoupi street towards Ano Melissia, passing Kefalari square on your right.  Continue on straight, then round the Left, Right and Left bends and continue straight again (sign posted for Melissia, Stavros, Airport, etc). When you arrive at the (usually busy) T-junction in Ano Melissia, turn LEFT onto 17th November street (NOTE: At this junction, most of the traffic will be turning right).  Now see Continued Directions ABOVE.

GPS location: 38° 03' 54.05" N, 23° 50' 31.47" E