Mt. Lycabettus (Likavitos)
Triple Birthday hash

(Photo above- view to the North-West of Athens)

9th February 2014 - Run 1857

Hare: Knob Goblin


Knob Goblin hands out birthday party hats and pours her special pre-run drink mixture


Mad Dog in a birthday hat with Doggie Style


The pre-run circle


The hare - Knob Goblin describes her trail

(The walkers were to take the route up to the top of Mt. Likavitos for the fabulous view)



Coming down off the hill



The birthday hashers - hare Knob Goblin and Mad Dog


Running through the Kolonaki area


Stopping for some fun


Fair Cop has got himself tangled


Creating 'Wizard of Oz' shadows on the way back up the hill



The circle starts with the hare Knob Goblin


Down-downs for the birthday hashers & Captain Sumo



Mad Dog & Knob Goblin wearing their birthday hats


A DIO for Heavy Breather who arrived late


Clitoria asks Athens Hash virgin Crystal the 4 questions


"Over my shoulder goes one leg"


Captain Sumo nursing a hangover


"Hair of the dog" down-down



Coke Dealer


Fair Cop


Group photo with view over Athens






Knob Goblin had made birthday cookies - complete with candles



Dessert time - the hashers tuck in



Parking/Circle GPS/Google Earth Lat/Lon: 37°59'3.25"N, 23°44'45.05"E

Trail length: 4.95 km (approx because some GPS signal weak)

Elevation: 230 metres above sea level

Parking and circle


The trail - direction counterclockwise - leading down to the Hilton Hotel & the Running Man sculpture


From 9.3 km up


THE DIRECTIONS (Just for the record)


Triple Birthday Frenzy!
Knob Goblin’, Teeny Boner, & Mad Dog Birthday Combination Celebration!
Texas style chili, salad, bread, ‘pudding’, and drinks all for 5 euros

 Please let the lovely ClitoriaMBE or Knob Goblin’ know if you will go to On Inn by FRIDAY 1700!! KG needs to know how many starving hashers to feed!

DIRECTIONS (from north, south and west)         GEOS 37.983995, 23.745811

Honestly, If you don’t know how to get to Lycabettus….go home!

From the North:

Drive south on Kifissias Avenue or Leof. Mesogeion

Turn right onto Leof. Alexandras

Turn left onto Ippokratous/​Ιπποκράτους

Turn left onto Fanarioton/​Φαναριωτών

Turn right onto Kassianis/​Κασσιανής

Slight right onto Sarantapichou/​Σαρανταπήχου

There will be Blue signs for Lycabettus ßthis will be spelled 15 different ways

GEOS 37.983995, 23.745811


From South (Glyfada area)

Head North on Leof. Vouliagmenis/​Λεωφόρος Βουλιαγμένης

Continue onto Eth. Antistaseos/​Εθ. Αντιστάσεως

Continue onto Ilioupoleos/​Ηλιουπόλεως

Continue onto Karea/​Καρέα

Turn right onto Ardittou/​Αρδηττού (signs for Ελ. Βενιζέλος Αεροδρομιo/​El. Venizelos Aerodromio)

Continue onto Leof. Vasileos Konstantinou/​Λεωφ. Βασιλέως Κωνσταντίνου/​EO1/​ΕΟ1 (signs for Λ. Κηφισιάς/​Kifisia Ave./​Λ. Μεσογείων/​Mesogeion Ave.)

Turn left onto Pl. Skouze/​Πλ. Σκουζέ

Take the 1st right onto Rigillis/​Ρηγίλλης

Continue onto Irodotou/​Ηροδότου

Turn left onto Spefsippou/​Σπευσίππου

Take the 1st right onto Glikonos/​Γλύκωνος

Turn left onto Xanthippou/​Ξανθίππου

Turn right onto Kleomenous/​Κλεομένους

Turn left at Matzavelaki/​Ματζαβελάκη

Turn left onto Ilia Rogkakou/​Ηλία Ρογκάκου

Continue onto Sarantapichou/​Σαρανταπήχου

Again, there will be Blue Signs for Lycabettus

GEOS 37.983995, 23.745811



From West:

Go East on National road (Leof. Athinon/​Λεωφ. Αθηνών)

Continue onto Achilleos/​Αχιλλέως

At Πλ. Καραϊσκάκη, take the 2nd exit onto Karolou/​Καρόλου heading to Αεροδρόμιο/​Aerodromio/​Airport/​Aerodromio ''Ελ. Βενιζέλος''/​Airport '' El. Venizelos''

Continue onto Marni/​Μάρνη

Turn left onto 28is Oktovriou/​28ης Οκτωβρίου

Turn right onto Leof. Alexandras/​Λεωφ. Αλεξάνδρας (signs for Λ. Βουλιαγμένης/​Vouliagmenis Ave./​Λ. Μεσογείων/​Mesogeion Ave./​Λ. Κηφισίας/​Kifisias Ave.)

Slight right onto Fanarioton/​Φαναριωτών

Turn right onto Kassianis/​Κασσιανής

Slight right onto Sarantapichou/​Σαρανταπήχου

Some Crazy @rse directions from the Hill to KG’s flat -  better to just follow each other!