"Run for the Meat"

9th December 2012

AH3 Run 1806

Hare: Thrice Nightly   

Photos: Thrice Nightly

Web page: Mad Dog

37° 50' 14.76" N
23° 55' 18.87" E

Google elevation: 116 metres

Trail length: ? km




The Taverna

Mourouzis meat taverna in Kalyvia

GPS:  37°50'27.49"N, 23°55'37.30"E







Showing location of the hash venue (left-bottom) and the taverna (top-right)

The church can be seen directly under the street name Evaggelistrias (following from Kolia st. - top of map)
and is a useful landmark in Kalyvia
where the streets can be a bit confusing.


Map from the Mourouzi's web site


Google maps taverna location


The directions to the hash - for the record


From Athens:

Take the Attiki Odos and head toward Markopoulo, continue through Markopoulo and south toward Sounio. Proceed about 1.5 kilometers and watch the right for the sign for Kalyvia, the sign is almost at the turn and you will make a right on Ahinon.  In about 2 kilometers you will reach a traffic circle, take the first exit from the circle on Riga Fariou (this is a very sharp right). About 500 meters the road turns fairly sharp left on Gkaron.  About 800 meters you will turn right on Leoforos Anavysso at the Everest. About 100 meters turn left to the Hash parking area across from the Everest.