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(Supplied by Pete the Meat)

The times shown on GREY are the actual run times (corrected for the starting line delay).


Advanced search on the Classic Marathon website showing all hashers -
except Heavy Breather - 56109 doing the 5km & visitor MooseKnuckle - 28983
and Love Bug - 27392 could not attend due to a temporary back problem.


1. Thrice Nightly was fully registered (BIB # 27386) and ran the 10km but no results or photo appeared for him.

It's probable that his timing chip was faulty - else he tied it to his dick and not to his running shoe.

2. Captain Sumo had photos but no results - so must have had timing chip problems like Thrice Nightly.

3. Absolut had no photos recorded. Either she pinned her BIB number to her ass (in which case the computer would not be able to recognise her as it recognises photos with numbers from the front) or she forgot to wear her bib or pinned-it upside down.

The other possibility (which doesn't seem likely for Absolut) was that she avoided every official photographer on route (they wear a large Marathon Photographs badge on a lanyard round their neck) and also on entering the stadium (which is really difficult unless you hide inside a group of runners).


HINTS FOR RUNNERS: If you want to have official photos taken of you then:

1. While on the run, look out for photographers ahead.

2. Run by the side of the road where the photographers can see you & not in the middle of the road obscured by other runners.

3. Once in the stadium go up to the photographers and pose for them - particularly after you have received and put on your medal.




Captain Sumo


Rear Entry










Pete the Meat


Mad Dog


Heavy Breather


MooseKnuckle (Visitor)