(Close to the golf course)


28th October 2012

AH3 Run 1800

Hare: Hamish McTavish Esq.

Photos: Various drunken hashers
Web page: Mad Dog

37° 52' 29.07" N
23° 45' 05.55" E

Google elevation:
36 metres

Trail length:
5.7 km




The Trail

From 2.3 km up


From 11.2 km up


Altitude profile of the trail



The Run and Walk

Where the hashers congregated before and after the hash


Scenic neigbourhoods


Pete The Meat checking.

Mount Immitos is in the background


On On!

Note the palm trees


Mad Dog running backwards for a photo


Absolut returns from checking


New boots Adonis (Italian returnee Vaseline's brother)


Some clouds over Glyfada


Disused planes at the old Hellenikon airport




The Circle

Hashers gather for the circle on Hamish's balcony


Group pose before the circle starts


Hamish the hare's down-down


Hamish shows off his new hash necklace (Rocket Socket & OTIS made it for him)


Love Bug asks new boots Adonis the secret 4th question

He jokingly answers "The one with the least effort"


Really? Exclaims Love Bug.


Vaseline and brother Adonis get visitors badges




Adonis balances the beer mug on his head


Rocket Socket is awarded his Athens Hash 25-run badge & mug


Hamish presents OTIS with a bottle of 10-year old Athens Hash wine




Wet Dream is dragged away from filling the beer mugs


Bouboulina & Love Bug with another old bottle of hash wine


Fun in the circle - DIO's for non-standard hash kit



James Brown's dog that Love Bug was dog-sitting


Mad Dog tells another silly joke


The meal at Hamish's place


Fair Cop gets the BBQ going & later cooks the sausages


Hamish's steak tartare


Pre-meal balcony chat


Rocket Socket starts tucking-in


Fair Cop follows


Fair Cop shows how full he is


Anyone for an egg?