The parking area on the right before tavernas “Panorama”
& “Aghios Mercurios”

14th October 2012

AH3 Run 1798

Hare: Mountain Goat   

Photos: Mad Dog & some great
circle pics from Love Bug

Web page: Mad Dog

38° 08' 38.29" N
23° 47' 37.97" E

Google elevation: 420 metres

Trail length: about 5.2 km



The Trail


The runner's trail from 3.6 km up
(bits are missing as the satellite signal was dropping out)


The trail from 7.7 km up


Before the run and walk


Athens hashers posing for a group photo



The Run

Off go the runners


On down!


Mountain Goat the hare points the way


If you go down to the woods today - your sure to have a surprise!


Some nice shiggy


Going, going, gone!




The On In


The Circle


Walkers relax on Clitoria's beach lounger & chair after their walk


The circle (temporarily without the GM as he is taking the photo)


Rocket Socket and Captain Sumo


Guess who?


The hare is tired so he is given a chair in the middle of the circle



Clitoria is awarded the bog brush


And Mountain Goat gets up for his down-down


Captain Sumo


Rogue's gallery


Rear Entry


Love Bug is substituted for Captain Sumo for the Flying Club award & gives her camera to Rim Job


Absolut has returned from Aussieland for a few weeks




Returnees DIO


Mountain Goat and Rim Job


A better photo from Love Bug at almost the same instant


Mountain Goat close-up



Clitoria prepares to stir Thibaut's beer with the brush


Thibaut - this week's FRB

He looks suspiciously at the stirred-up beer (luckily for him the brush was clean and unused)




Cool, relaxed poses


Mt. Parnitha Flyer & Map