(Near Loutsa)

Beach Hash

A-to-B Run

10th June 2012

AH3 Run 1790

Hare: Fair Cop  

Photos: Thrice Nightly
Web page: Mad Dog

GPS: 37° 55.279' N, 24° 1.657' E  

Google altitude: A = 150 metres

Trail length: 5.25 km


The Trail


From 880m up


From 5.3 km up


Elevation profile

Hashers taken to the start of the run by car, making it an A-to-B run.


The Run and Walk


The hare Fair Cop with Rocket Socket


Amazing blue sea and sky


Rocket Socket jogs uphill



Thrice Nightly with Rocket Socket


Fair Cop & Thrice Nightly


Fair Cop & Rocket Socket





The Circle


The runners with Clitoria & Wet Dream


The Taverna

Fish Taverna “Xamolia” = 10 euros/head




The Beach


Oooh La La!

Clitoria sunning herself on the beach