Tatoi Royal Estate

QEll Diamond Jubilee run

3rd June 2012

AH3 Run 1789

Hare: Mountain Goat

Photos: Mad Dog & Love Bug  
Web page: Mad Dog

GPS: 38° 9.809'N, 23° 47.376'E    

Google altitude: 545 metres

Trail length: 7.51 km


The Trail


The GPS receiver occasionally loses the signal in the forest & so the track goes a bit zig-zag


Altitude profile (with a couple of gliches due to lost signal)


View from 10.5 km up (Note the National Road to the right & the Tatio airport)


The Pre-run Circle


OK where's the hare? (Note the fountain or spring in the background)



The hare Mountain Goat tells us how short and flat the trail is (oh yeh?)


The Run and Walk


The walkers prepare to set off. Will they get lost?


The runners set off hot-foot into the forest


Mad Dog & Coke Dealer pause for a photo


The grass is still green from the rains


Mountain Goat stands on his check and points the way



Well deserved rest stop? No, just stopping to admire the view.


Fabulous panoramic view of the forest  >>>>> Scroll right >>>>>

OK, youv'e seen it. Get going you lazy b---s!





On In


Our Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Celebration



Relaxing after the run and walk


The Wine and Cheese Party begins



"The Queen"




The Circle


Mountain Goat the hare











Mad Dog tells a joke...


Now what was the punch line?




Love Bug's artistic photo section



















The Taverna

Lambros, of course