Sunday 27th May 2012

AH3 Run 1788

Hares: Coke Dealer (with Peter)
& Clitoria  

GPS: 37° 44.719'N,   23° 32.301'E  

Google altitude: 17 metres

Trail length: 3.5 km

Photos: Mad Dog - Ferret Blower - Wet Dream

Web page: Mad Dog


The Trail

From 1.3 km


From 3.5km


The Pre-run Circle




The Run and Walk














Drink stop - The hares have a concoction of Ouzo and Blackberry Juice ready for us


The hashers raise their plastic cups in a toast. Clitoria (left) holds up the jug of fiery liquid





Testicles rings the chapel bell








The Circle






















Back at the Hotel










The draw for a free night at the hotel


And the winner is: Thrice Nightly



Going home