Saturday 26th May 2012

AH3 Run 1787

Hares: Rocket Socket & Thrice Nightly

GPS: 37° 44.726' N, 23° 32.288' E

Google altitude: 17 metres

Trail length: 4.7 km

Photos: Mad Dog - Wet Dream - Ferret Blower

Web page: Mad Dog


The Trail



The morning game of rounders


Clitoria bowls to Wet Dream


Mad Dog prepares to bowl


Full Blown gets prepared


"Hey!, that's a bit low" say's Full Blown as he swipes at the ball (seen in the air, lower left)


Testicles gets ready to bat


Clitoria ready for batting while Testicles is returning the ball the the bowler


"Damn! this bat must have a hole in it " says Fair Cop, nursing a bad hangover.


Fair Cop neatly catches the ball that Clitoria fails to strike


Cabrio-laid (formerly Susan) sees her chance and runs as Fair Cop scrambles for the ball


What happened?


Oop's, missed again!


Honeymooner Douche of Hazzard looks serious as she prepares to receive the ball


Morning sunbathing and swim



Soaking up the sun


More hashers come to join the harriettes


Before the run


Fair Cop hands out the T-shirts


The T-shirts fit well and hashers prepare for the afternoon run under the sun


The hotel manager Phillipus takes a group photo for us


Hares Rocket Socket & Thrice Nightly describe their trail (What? ALL downhill?)




The Run and Walk


Runners and walkers set off


We couldn't resist taking this one


Doggie Style, Leanover and Ferret Blower (formerly Pam)


Testicles, Doggie Style, Mad Dog & Leanover


Is this enough rubbish?


Mad Dog spots the taverna the Athens Hash ate at in May 2002


The trail just keeps going up and up


Finally it levels out a bit


Cabrio-laid and Clitoria


We arrive at the car park for the Sanctuary of Aphaia - with it's great view

A tourist agrees to take a group photo for us.



Some of the hashers want to visit the beautiful Sanctuary of Aphaia


The 4 euro entry ticket




Explantory text stuff


Plan of the sanctuary (the numbers refer to legend on previous image)


Mad Dog poses


Hashers wander over the site


Great views all round! What an amazing location for a temple!


Effi rests - not realising she is being photographed by a group of Japanese tourists


The run and walk continue....

We hesitate to ring on the door of this convent. Possibly we are not suitably dressed?




The convent cat follows us


We stop to enjoy the view


View over Aghia Marina


They just love posing!


Heading back down in the direction of the hotel


The Circle

The circle starts


Down-downs for hares Thrice-Nightly and Rocket-Socket & our honeymooning visitor


Strawberry4Skin taking over as temp. RA calls visitor Douche of Hazzard (from the USA) into the circle.


Then it's the turn of Testicles (ex-AH3) and Full Blown visiting from Australia


Mad Dog gets one too


Time for a naming - tell us about yourself Effi


In the name of Gisbert you will henceforth be know as ...Finger Licking Good


Early evening Entertainment
Hashers entertain hashers


Clitoria signs hashers up to the hash Eurovision Song Contest lottery


Hashers act out a skit: "Oh dear, my son looks very ill, I must call the doctor"


Sue hams it up!


The Taverna


Taverna Ta Vraxia - meaning The Rocks







Eurovision Song Contest

"Guess the winner" draw organised by On Sex Clitoria


Hashers gather in the hotel's lounge to watch the contest


Watching the contest on the hotel TV


A group watch from the corner so they can use the hookah



Finger Licking Good falls off to sleep - so becomes a victim for some fun


Doggie Style relaxes on some cushions


Ferret Blower reclines on the sofa




Clitoria poses in a red hat


Douche of Hazzard stays watching as many leave for their beds