Friday 25th May 2012

AH3 Run 1786

Hare: Strawberry4Skin  

GPS: 37° 44.726' N, 23° 32.288' E   

Google altitude: 17 metres

Trail length: 3.4 km

Photos: Mad Dog - Wet Dream - Ferret Blower

 Web page: Mad Dog




The Anatoli Hotel


Hotel operated by Anthoula & son Phillipos.

Guests were given a hospitality drink when they arrived.


View from room 27


View of the hotel (purple-sided, far left) and it's sunbathing rocks (centre)


The sandy cove as seen from the hotel's sunbathing rocks


Hotel grounds - with oriental tents & cushions to lie on - lit up at night with (maybe 100) candles



Colourful mosquito nets and exotic oriental decor in the hotel bedrooms



Rooms with individual colour and fabric themes



Another colourful bedroom



Mannequins in oriental costumes on each landing


No touching, gentlemen please!


The hotel lobby


The lounge area with costumes on display


Another view of the lounge area



Also collections of baskets, hats, hookahs, glass goblets, etc.


Collection of darbukas or goblet drums and hookahs


Tented area outside the hotel main entrance

After arriving the hashers sat here and were served with snacks and drinks


The Trail



The Run and Walk


Group photo after beer and snacks and before the welcome run and walk









S4S unaware that the walkers were fast approaching





We come to Gillys pub where S4S the hare has arranged a stop


Arriving at the pub


A (long) beer stop at Gillys pub


Coke Dealer with friend Peter


Colourful Bougainvilleas and Geraniums in the island gardens


The falsie on the quayside - Fair Cop with Thrice Nightly and Rocket Socket


With S4S's cunningly laid trail we meet up with some of the walkers again


The Circle




















The Taverna







Karaoke at Gillys pub


Gillys pub (Ag. Marina) advertisment for their karaoke nights


Rocket socket tries his luck


Fair Cop belts out the song lyrics


Flutterby and Clitoria take the microphone


Doggie Style gets with it


Clitoria and Fair Cop duet


Clitoria dances on the table


Not much space to move on


Coke Dealer and Peter watch the show


Fair Cop singing again


Strawberry4Skin looks for an escape route



Playboy2 and Flutterby (with her crutches) have a heated discussion


Clitoria adds her contribution from a distance





Last time we had a Spring Weekend in Aghia Marina was on 24-26 May 2002 (Run 1261 & 1262).

We stayed at the Panorama Hotel & had 1 meal in it's restaurant overlooking the sea..

It was The Bookmaker's 500th run & we had a coach take us out to the trail set by The Bookmaker.

(See photos etc. on this site)



Ag. Marina Ferry from Pireaus

http://www.alexcruises.com (Ferry is called the Alexandros)

The company's telephone in Pireaus is 210 482 1002 (for information & times)

(Ferry office telephone in Ag. Marina: 22970 – 32234 )

Buy your tickets at: Piraeus Port, Argo-Saronikos Pier, Gate E8 - Costing about 9 euros in 2012.

(Exit the Piraeus Metro station, cross the road via the bridge, turn left & walk about 250m)

The ferry takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to Ag. Marina - stopping at Souvala on the way round.


Ferry Alexandros - arrived at the Aghia Marina port from Pireaus

(It can carry motorbikes but not cars. If you have a car, take a car ferry to Aegina port and drive across the island)


Alexandros Timetable - 20th April to 31st May 2012


Alexandros Timetable - 1st June - to - 17th June 2012