AB Supermarket


(Sliproad - National Road)

20 May 2012

AH3 Run 1785

Hare: Rear Entry  

Photos & web page: Mad Dog

38° 6.852' N , 23° 49.695' E

Google altitude: 300 metres

Trail length: 4.2 km


The Trail

From 2.1 km up

This is the first time we have run in this particular area. Well done Rear Entry!


From 9.6km up



The Pre-run Circle


Circle-up hashers


The hare is called into the circle


Hare Rear Entry describing his Trail


He does his best to mislead us about the nature of his trail as is customary in the hash.


The Run and Walk


The walkers depart at a good pace


The first stop for the runners and walkers is the municipal outdoor gym (at the back of the AB supermarket)


Rocket Socket gets to grips with the machine's handles while Rear Entry pedals away


Fair Cop rides his mechanical bull




Clitoria gets into the (sideways) swing of things


Everyone's having fun - either doing or watching


Bouboulina is trying hard to get up on the parallel bars


Wet Dream is really getting into it (almost)


There's no stopping Clitoria


Meanwhile Pam is also getting a good workout


Doggy Style briefly pauses for the camera


The runners set off again


Take your pick!



The pack disperses to find where the trail of blue flour continues


Having found the trail the pack heads into the woods



Panoramic view >>>>> Scroll Right >>>>>


An unfriendly dog barks at us as we run on by


The Bookmaker returns from one of his off-trail variations


Nearing the end


The Circle


Is The Bookmaker really looking at his reflection
in the bottom of the tankard?

Wet Dream pours the down-down beers


Who's the hasher who's completed 250 runs?



For heavans sake get a life, Rim Job :-)


Some teasing occurs over The Bookmaker's nerd and hash names


Two tankards each


One can keep Clitoria quiet for only so long


Some fun with Thrice Nightly and Rocket Socket



Down down down!


Hare Rear Entry with Fair Cop


The Bookmaker tells us a joke.

It's good to see The Bookmaker - it's been a while as he now lives in Tyros in the Peloponnese



The Taverna

Somewhere near (walking distance apparently)