Anastassios Street


Date 13 May 2012

AH3 Run 1784

Hares: Rocket Socket

& OTIS (for the walkers)  

Photos & web page: Mad Dog


GPS Co-ords:
37° 59.181' N,   23° 48.310' E  

Google Earth altitude: 275 m

Trail length: 6.4 km



The Trail







The Pre-run Circle


The Hare - Rocket Socket



The Run and Walk


The walkers


The here stands on his first check


Panoramic view as the runners set off


Heading for the hills


Heading for the tunnel under the Immitos Ring motorway


OTIS's Going away hash is celebrated on the concrete wall of the tunnel


On through the tunnel


Running along a drainage channel


Lucky it's not raining


On Up!


Some shiggy


Fair Cop squeezes through a small hole in the fence.

Rocket Socket said it looked straight forward on the Google Earth satellite image


Into some pine forest


Panoramic view >>>>>>>>>>> Scroll right >>>>>>>>>>


View of the motorway


Mad Dog


Rocket Socket poses with a tortoise found on the trail


Hello tortoise!


The walkers in the distance


Back under the motorway


On Up! Fair Cop stops for a breather (is he going kite-flying?)


View of the Mount Immitos Ring Road motorway


Heading on back to the start.

The hashers cars can be seen in the distance


The Circle



The hares down-down


The hares Rocket Socket and OTIS


Hamish McTavish with Pam


Doggie Style with Kum Kwik and Thrice


OTIS is leaving us...


All the best, OTIS!


Kum Kwik, Thrice Nightly & Rocket Socket get down-downs


A beer with a charitable side - to help the Greek debt

(Available in AB Vasilopoulos supermarkets)


The Taverna


Avraam Taverna in nearby Holargos.

Good, unusual food and very reasonable price