Marble Quarries

Mount Pendeli


6th May 2012

AH3 Run 1783

Hare: Mad Dog  

Photos & web page: Mad Dog

38 04' 40.08'' N,
23 52' 48.55'' E
Altitude: 953 metres

Trail length: 5.6 km


The Trail





The Plan

For the hashers to have a good run, experience some great views over Athens and also to visit the ancient quarries where the "Pendelic" marble for the Parthanon was extracted and in particular to visit the 3 quarries which have been identified as those where the marble for the Parthanon (Elgin) Marbles was obtained.

These marble sculptures formed the 160 metre frieze wrapped around the top of the exterior wall of the Parthanon's inner chamber. Originally there were 92 metopes - individual sculptures in high-relief - on the Parthenon. Of 64 that survived, 15 are in the British Museum and 18 remain in Athens.

The 3 (almost parallel) quarries have been identified by comparing in a laboratory the ratio of normal Oxygen 16 to the stable isotope Oxygen 18 (2 extra Neutrons) in the marble in the quarries with those ratios existing in the Parthanon Marbles.

Calcite (Calcium Carbonate) is the primary mineral in marble, and since it is composed of carbon, oxygen and calcium, the conditions and manner in which calcite crysallizes (after being in a molten state for a long period) affects the isotropic ratio.


The Run and Walk

The pack returns from a falsie at the start of the run


The runners admire the view to the East of the mountain.

The sea and Schinias to the right and the modern Dionysos marble quarries down below to the left.

Further to the left (out of the photo is Marathon Lake)


The walkers turn up and also enjoy the panorama below


The runners head for the ancient quarries -

- stopping briefly for shade at the only decent-size pine tree in the whole area


The view to the West of the mountain.

The Faliro and Pireaus coastline and sea are just visible through the haze -

and the white arch of the Calatrava Olympic Stadium and OAKA complex is clearly seen.


The runners pause for a group photo.

L-to-R: Thrice Nightly, Mountain Goat, Rear Entry, Rocket Socket, Strawberry4Skin, Fair Cop, Rim Job


Hare Mad Dog joins the group on the left


Looking down through a large ancient quarry to the city below


This is the view they are seeing


Runners enter the first of the 3 Parthanon (Elgin) Marbles quarries -



Quarry 2 (Right) and 3 (Left)


Having viewed the 3 quarries the hashers continue on the trail


We check-out another large quarry


The trail leads down and down.


Now they are coming to the "up" bit


On Up!


Let's try to roll this boulder of marble over? Yeah, no chance!

Hashers realize what sort of effort would be required to move 100,000 tons of this stuff down to the Acropolis
AND THEN haul it up to the top of the Acropolis.


Fair Cop takes a rest after the effort


On the way back the pack stops to cool off under that wonderful pine tree




What have they been looking at in the old quarrymen's hut?



Ah - ha!


Running back to the start and the beer


On On! thirsty hashers


The Circle

The start of the circle


Wet Dream pours the beers


The hare Mad Dog


Presented with a hash necklace (thanks Rocket Socket!), MD checks it out


The hare's down-down


Mountain Goat speaks out and Clitoria replies














The Taverna

The Serif in Paleo Pendeli


NOTE: The last Ancient Quarry run was Run 1610 on 26th October 2008