The Old
120 Furniture Factories

National Road


22nd April 2012

AH3 - Run 1781

Hare: Mountain Goat

Trail: 6.6 km



38° 06' 53.84" N

23° 49' 34.86" E

Altitude: 290 metres


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Farewell Black Mamba (Play the video)


Mountain Goat's trail



The Run


We start at the site of the abandoned 120 furniture factories showrooms
(Sadly we discover that the McDonalds nearby is no more)


Is this what Mountain Goat calls flat?


Great view of Mount Parnitha in the background



Getting a bit tricky


Rim Job scurries down through the earthern channel


Rear Entry's turn to cross the stream



Looking back topwards the ex-factory showrooms & showing the vibrant greenery


Hashers veering to the left and avoiding this ramp


Avoiding the mud


Are you on?


Let's get off the rails - there's a train coming!



Black Mamba doing his thing on the ramp (see video)


Spring time flowers everywhere


Wide open spaces


Rim Job & Mountain Goat


Rim Job followed by Mad Dog


Great hashing country


Helicopter enthusiast prepares his model and then shows us some amazing flying
(including flying backwards upside-down)


A bit of short-cutting?


We find a tortoise & Rear Entry holds it up for a photo


The Tortoise and the Hare (get it?)


Into the shiggy


Rocket Socket getting the thorn treatment



Rear Entry returns climbing a steep ramp after missing the trail


Not a good time to cross the railyway tracks!


On down...


...and on up again



Judas trees in bloom (traditionally at Easter time)



Back over the stream


Mad Dog stretches out to reach the stepping stone



The Circle



Mountain Goat - the hare's down-in-one


Drinking beer is no punishment after a run on this hot day


Bouboulina gets a Flying Club DIO for falling and cutting her elbow


The snake was THIS long say's Black Mamba


Black Mamba's farewell DIO - he's just returned from Toronto, Canada
and is retiring to Edinburgh, Scotland


Thrice has emerged again with the warm weather (has he been hibernating?)



Mad Dog, Black Mamba and Thrice



Mad Dog is wearing new trainers so...


...he has to drink from one of them. Luckily they are not muddy inside!


Rear Entry




The Taverna


En Athames taverna

On the National Road sliproad, heading towards Athens from the western side of the Varibobi bridge.

Good value. Lots of meat, etc for 12 euros each




The menu