Ano Melissia
(Northern Athens)

Run 1772 (Sunday 5th February 2012)

Hare: Mad Dog

Photographers: Mad Dog + Fair Cop & Rear Entry

NOTE: The Lat. & Lon. coords can be copied and pasted into the Google Earth 'Fly-to' window.

- T H E     T R A I L -

The starting point & circle (P):  

GPS:  38° 03' 54.41" N, 23° 50' 31.94" E   -or-  38° 03.907' N, 23° 50.532' E

Altitude: 358 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 5.25 km

The trail from 2.00 km altitude


Altitude profile of the trail (showing a vertical range of about 120 metres)

Almost all uphill for the first half of the run.


From 6 km up


From 30 km up


The walker's trail (mostly paved with a little cross country - crossing the dry river bed)


- T H E     R U N -

Pre-run gathering at the Ano Melissia outdoor theatre


The trail leads directly up hill & keeps going up


Rural scene with a large cockerel in the background


On up between stone-clad buildings


At last! Heading for open hillside


Hare Mad Dog and one of his checks


Rocket Socket carries the hash horn


Back to the streets. Mountain Goat and Rear Entry come screaming round a corner.


Runners and walkers meet as planned


Heading for the hills again. Is the trail finally going country?


Rim Job and Rocket Socket at a check


Ah! This looks more like it!


Runners stretch their legs in a downhill section (centre)


Now for some jolly obstacles


Trees burnt in the forest fire and later blown over in a violent storm


Checking! Fair Cop decides to check down the steep slope


Yes! Thats the trail!


Now the blue flour leads the pack along a dry river bed


More dry river bed.


Mad Dog smiles (there's more to come)


Bee hives on the hillside.

Melissia (meaning a bee area) was once well known for it's hives and fragrant pine-tree honey.


Cutting through private land often requires crawling under fences


Fair Cop comes through backwards and almost loses his balance


Mad Dog ducks under


Rim Job backs through


Charging through another private plot in the Luxury Villa area bordering Kifissia


The top of the hill in the private plot & almost at the end of the run


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Mad Dog blows the hash bugle in the outdoor theatre signalling the start of the circle


Fair Cop opens the circle


Now that's a REAL circle!


The hare's down-down - but wait - Doggy Style lead the walkers


So a combined hare's down-down


Brr! That beer's really cold! It's been stored outside during the recent snow.


Fair Cop awards Rocket Socket and OTIS their Virgin Hare T-shirts for their Papagou run


RS & OTIS with their virgin-hare T's


Kum Kwik and Scrubber


Fair Cop


Fair Cop and Clitoria


Mountain Goat


Rear Entry with Mountain Goat


Mad Dog


Rim Job


Kum Kwik


Doggies in the park next to the theatre


- T H E     T A V E R N A -

Magginas meat Taverna - Doggie Style poses outside


Hashers enjoy the meal and wine + beer

Good value at 12.50 euro pp

Meal included: Starters, salad, kokkoretsi, pork chops, bbq chicken thighs, etc &drinks -plus- complementary sweet course


Magginas card - front


Rear of card


Magginas Flyer








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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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