Syngrou Park
(Northern Suburbs of Athens)

Run 1667 (Sunday 15th November 2009)

Hare: Rear Entry

Photographer: Prickly Bush


Reart Entry the hare


The pre-circle


On off down Kifissias Avenue


Mad Dog and Rim Job racing through the park


Rim Job checking


Rear Entry


Rear Entry on his check


Chief takes a rest.


Don, Black Mamba and Love Bug wait on a check


Love Bug, Zak, Black Mamba and Mad Dog lead the way


Circle up


The hare's DIO


Love Bug


Rim job, Bouboulina and Coke Dealer share a DIO


Napoleon with a sore Boney Part


RA Fair Cop


Mad Dog and Cock's Tale prepare the brew


Clitoria helps squeeze out the potion


Mountain Goat prepares to down the concoction


Bottoms up


A joke from Mad Dog


Coke Dealer is unable to blow-up the banana


Clitoria, the Queen of blow jobs helps out


Chief returns for sex in the circle while Zak looks o


The circle


Rim Job, Fair Cop and Bouboulina fly for Black Mamba







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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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