A welcoming sight for the guests


Traditional halloween pumpkin


There seems to be some sort of insect invasion


Doggie Style poses with a halloween goblet


A ghost invasion too

Brother Mad Dog




Bouboulina - that's witch number two


Oh rats! we have a rodent infestation too


Cook The Fook


Sorry, I didn't get your name sir.
Are you from around these parts?


Clitoria the Black Widow


Those darn spiders are everywhere!


Bride of Derekula - witch number 3


Black halloween balloon


Brother Spanish Fly


More pesky ghosts




Another tarantula looking for a meal


Neighbours Themis & Maria


Dem darn ghosts again


Arriving guests sitting round the kitchen table


Some rather unsavory characters are lurking around this night


Cook the Fook & Bride of Derekula


More webs. Must get the exterminator to come around!


Cook the Fook's notice for his super stew


The place is running with lizards too


Empty Trick Or Treat bag (The hashers ate all the sweets - so none to put in)


Spider decoration


The ladies guest restroom.