The Zappion
(National Gardens - Central Athens)

Run 1660 (Sunday 27th September 2009)

Race for the Cure - Breast Cancer - Charity Run

Hare: Clitoria (substituting for Susan G. Komen)

Photographers: Mad Dog & Prickly Bush


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- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of our starting point at the Zappion: 37 58' 16.13'' N, 23 44' 10.77'' E     

Altitude: 93 metres above sea level

Runner's trail cartographic Length = 4.14 km

(The walkers had a 2 km trail)

The GPS-recorded runners trail from 2.25 Km altitude


The runners trail from 8.00 Km altitude


The Zappion building & National Gardens from 800m altitude


Evaggelis Zappas

AH3 Virgin hasher


- B E F O R E    T H E     R U N -

Newcomer Katie with friend Hillary


Participants gather in front of the Zappion building


Information & refreshment tents


More tents


Amita supplied water and many types of juices for free


Cock's Tale, Doggy Style & Bouboulina


Athens Hashers pose for a group photo


Mad Dog gets in too


Major Arsehole & Garibaldi (suffering a bad hangover) missed the group photo
- so do their own thing.



Major Arsehole's wife Gunga Din gives him a playful fake punch


Guess what number Clitoria chose?
(She did all the hard work of booking our participants in advance
& bringing all the T-shirts, numbers, etc. - so had a choice of number)


Clitoria & Black Mamba having fun


Hilary and Katie get down and boogie to the music


It takes two to Tango.
Major Arsehole and Cock's Tale dance to the tango music.


The GM calls thr pre-run circle


Clitoria as surrogate hare misleads us about the trail


Clitoria describes the trail


Clitoria getting charged-up by the Energiser battery man


Hashers get a bit impatient as the speeches drag on (as expected)


George Papandreou (Leader of the socialist opposition party Pasok & possibly the next Greek prime minister)
- makes an appearance and gives a short speech.


George Papandreou close-up


- T H E     R U N -

Runners leave the starting line


Turning round the bottom of the National Gardens


Heading towards Syntagma Square. Likavittos hill & its church is seen in the distance.
The police have cleared & blocked the roads for the event. Normally this street would be full of traffic.


Heading along the side on the National Gardens (to the right) and nearing the square.


Passing the Parliament building located at the top of Syntagma (Constitution) Square.


No! the other way! Prickly Bush is running in the wrong direction!
(just posing for the photo)


Mad Dog poses with 'The Running Man' glass sculpture in the background.
(Close to the Hilton Hotel)


There's Prickly Bush running the wrong way again!


Another view of Likavittos & Mad Dog


Prickly Bush at the Marble Stadium
(Rebuilt by Herodus Atticus & renovated for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games)
(The stadium, that is.)


Arriving at the finish and cheered by the some of the dozens of wonderful volunteers


- A F T E R    T H E     R U N -

The band plays to welcome the runners and walkers


The dog enjoys the music too


Red Cross First Aid personnel are on hand, just in case.
(They may have been able to help Garibaldi with his hangover .... and maybe not)


Gathering at a nice quiet spot for the hash circle


Clitoria & Midnight Screamer


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Mad Dog (GM) calls the circle to order.

The beer is very warm and frothy (almost explosive) from being taken on the run in Mad Dog's rucksack.


Clitoria gets the hare's DIO (Down In One)


Black Mamba executed an absolutely spectacular headlong fall at the start of the run -
so got our traditional Flying Club song + actions & DIO.


Doggie Style gives him his beer


Daaaah dah dah dah dah dah dah daaaah.....


Get it down!


Katie, Hillary, and Cock's Tale in the circle


Mad Dog explains something to the newcomer


Hash virgin Katie gives the answers to the not only 3 but all 4 questions.


Katie with Doggie Style


Mad Dog rambling on again


Major Arsehole & Gunga Din are welcomed back again


Midnight Screamer & Prickly Bush


OK, who knows about next weeks run? Read your trash!


- A F T E R    T H E     C I R C L E -

The AH3 pose on the steps leading to the Zappion


There they are again!


Some go home while others head off together for lunch and some more alcohol


Nice view of the Zappion & garden


- T H E     W A L K   T O   T H E   ON ON -

Lord Byron's statue at the bottom of the National Gardens


Bouboulina takes us the scenic way to Thision round the base of the Acropolis -
along the (new) pedestrian walkway - which goes all the way.
There is a lot of activity along here on a Sunday.


Barrel Organ player (Laterna in Greek)


Heading for the new Acropolis Museum


The main entrance to the museum.
It has free entrance for 3 days including this day, so many local visitors as well as tourists.

NOTE the reflection of the Acropolis & Parthenon in the windows


Horse and carriages are allowed on the pedestrian way


Musicians entertain passers by


View of the Parthenon with the Herodian theatre showing below


The pedestrian way slopes down towards Thision


Greek instrument player


Guitarist with tambourines on his feet


Tourist train passes the Thision metro station


Colourful Pan Pipe players


Passing through the bustling market area as we head to.....


- T H E     R E S T A U R A N T -

Yes, the Irish pub for a pub lunch and beer(s)


Doggie Style at the entrance to the James Joyce pub.

Inside, it is a sea of cool tranquility compared to the market madness right outside.

Excellent food and huge portions at reasonable prices!





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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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