(Due East of Athens)

Run 1658 (Sunday 13th September 2009)

Hare: Fair Cop

Photographer: Mad Dog

DIO for Napoleon's Bony Parts & Cock's Tale


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The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle: 37°56'57.08"N, 24° 0'24.03"E     

Altitude: 30 metres above sea level

Recorded partial trail - cartographic length = 4.97 km


The trail from 4.00 km altitude


From 18.00 km altitude


- T H E     R U N -

Hashers gather at Fair Cop & Wet Dream's pad in Loutsa


Cook The Fook taking it easy


Don waves as the walkers follow the runners out the gate


The runners enthusiastically set off having been informed of a beer stop


The hare Fair Cop and his perfect circle check


3 unfriendly dogs bark in disharmony


The runners returning from a falsie.... "F" the hare!


On On through the dry grass


Cock's Tale returns from checking an alley


Hashers arrive at the beach


Start of the picturesque beach section of the trail


Panoramic view of rocks and beach

Hashers jog while other folk swim and sunbathe on this very warm day


Blue flour blob marking the trail on the sand


On along the fence


Large blue blob :-)


Plenty of checks and falsies have kept the pack together


Finally... the beer stop


After downing a beer the hashers (both runners & walkers) are happy to pose for the camera


And the runners are off again...


Closely followed by the walkers


On past some large cactus plants


An interesting structure juts into the water


One slip here and wet trainers will be the result


This section of beach led to a falsie


Told you so!


Panoramic view of hashers running round the small marina


Checking at the church (where a wedding was about to take place)


On into the back roads


Avoiding a large puddle from heavy rains the day before
(The hare had to lay the trail that morning before the hash)


Finally, a very neat on-in


Back at the house


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Resting in the shade before the circle


The hare's down-down


Good to the last drop?


Hamish in the circle


Napoleon's Bony Parts & Cock's Tale get a DIO


Don and a newcomer are welcomed into the circle to introduce themselves


Coffee Crepes is awarded her 25 run badge and mug


Wet dream is awarded & proudly displays her 150 run badge


Wet dream's DIO


Clitoria says her bit


- T H E     A G P U -

On & On reads out the results of the mismanagement committee election


The hashers tuck in to the delicious spread laid on by hostess Wet Dream






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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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