The AH3 Invasion of Karystos Castle
Captions & photos by Mad Dog


(Panoramic >>>)  Stealthily approaching the castle - the hashers could see Karystos town spread out below them.


Doggie Style captures an enemy look-out


The hashers use subterfuge and cunningly pose as tourists


Taking reconnaissance photos and surveying the castle fortifications


An imposing defensive wall and tower - but there must be a weakness...


Rim Job & Doggie Style scout around the castle outer wall


The main gate was locked and unguarded (foolish over-confidence)
and the so hashers gained entry by scaling the wall.


Doggy Style secures the southern battlements


(Panoramic >>>)  Rim Job is assigned the look-out post


The castle has been taken without a siege


All is quiet inside the castle grounds


Mad Dog reports that the castle is secure


The hashers take a well earned rest and enjoy the view


Rim Job reports - no invasion fleet in sight


Checking the storerooms for provisions


The aqueduct below is in need of repair


Checking the tower's defenses


Prickly Bush on Guard duty in the tower


Black Mamba patrols the inner areas


A group of warriors from a local tribe are frightened off by the fierce hashers



Later, in Karystos town the foundation of a Roman Temple is observed
(The large white stone blocks are quite different from the the famous dark local stone)





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