(Northern Athens)

Run 1639 (Sunday 17th May 2009)

Hare: Prickly Bush

Photographer: Prickly Bush


- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle: 38° 04' 31.09" N, 23° 52' 24.51" E     

Altitude: 775 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 12 km

Hard as Nails Run, 12 k , 15 k with falsies


The hare Prickly Bush tests the rope


Zak admires the view while Prickly Bush lays the trail


- T H E     R U N -

Stress Cow anoints Hamish McTavish as instructed by her Uncle Zeus


Hard as Nails Hashers


Mad Dog relaxes while others check


Mad Dog outside the Church of St Nicholas at the Davelis cave


Black Mamba leads the hashers to a falsie


Whip It gingerly climbs down the slippery slope


Mountain Goat rescues Napoleon's Boney Part from a falsie


Mad Dog poses


Herpes emerges from the Church of the Spirit after praying for strength to carry on


Black Mamba had inside information not to run that falsie


Still a long way to go for the beer


Yannis is not impressed about more uphill


Alex and Born Free help Yannis to Pendeli summit


Yannis has never ever had to work so hard for a beer


Rim Job is wrecked


Yannis keeps out of the wind


The courageous few who reached the summit


Napoleon's Boney Part, broken, bleeding, blubbering
and in need of TLC from Coffee Crepe


Napoleon brings Mad Dog and Herpes a beer and nearly dies in the process


A 3km run down the tarmac to the the cars


Black Mamba's mate

- T H E     B B Q -

Kum Kwik assigned to barbie duties


Hashers tuck in at the Church of St John of the Mine


Black Mamba and Mad Dog boost their energy levels with beer and nosh


Hamish McTavish Esquire guilty of alcohol abuse


- T H E     C I R C L E -

The hares DIO


Napoleon receives the FRB t-shirt for being the only hasher to run a 3k falsie


Oxymoran receives the back runners award as
he neither ran nor walked but cruised up in the pussy mobile


Mad Dog flexes his muscles before receiving the Bleeding Bastard t-shirt


Harriettes Alex and Born Free share a DIO and admire their hash whistles


For the second week in a row Coffee Crepes receives a flyer's DIO


Shakeel guilty of accepting a lift from Stress Cow down the mountain


The circle


Mountain Goat in full flow


Was it wise to give Clitoria MBE a whistle


New to Athens hashing, Lost Prick says the hash prayer


A DIO for returnee Herpes


Returnee Oz Italia


Peter, AHHH virgin hasher


Burnt Rubber from Florida via South Africa and 101 other countries


Welcome to Lost Prick from Florida blah blah blah



Hon. Sex, Clitoria MBE is privy to the answer of the vital 4th question








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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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