Sesi beach
(North-East of Athens)

Run 1637 (Sunday 3rd May 2009)

Hare: Rear Entry

Photographer: Prickly Bush


The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle: 38 14' 46.26'' N, 23 59' 56.49'' E     

Altitude: 1.5 metres above sea level

Initial air temperature (11.00 hrs) = 15 deg.C

Trail cartographic Length = 5.8 km

View of the trail from 1.8 km altitude


View of the trail from 15 km altitude

- T H E     R U N -

Rear Entry, the hare


Mountain Goat shows off his skills


Cock's Tale emerges from the bushes


The hare tries to persuade Black Mamba to follow Rim Job


Whip It stops to admire the vie


Come on you bastards


Fair Cop leads the tricky trail and hangs on by a twig


A welcome beer stop


A plethora of poppies


Sesi hashers minus Mountain Goat


Hashers speed on but Mad dog doesn't miss a photo opportunity


- P R E-C I R C L E    F U N-

Rear Entry retreats from the sea incase a jelly fish bites his bum


Fair Cop demonstates the belly flop


Rim Job cooling his tired hashy feet


- T H E     C I R C L E -

Sesi circle


Rear Entry is awarded 7.4 for an astounding new venue and run


CUN Gary and Rear Entry are awarded a Flying Club DIO


Mountain Goat and Cock's Tale share a bleeders DIO


Short cutting bastards CUN Dee and Fair Cop


A DIO for latecomers Mad Dog and Doggie Style


Cock's Tale receives her certificate for the lunatic asylum or was it for the Athens 10k run


A DIO for Kum Kwik for not wearing hash gear








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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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