The Athens Olympic Village
(North-Western Athens)

Run 1636 (Sunday 26th April 2009)

Hare: Mad Dog

Photographer: Mad Dog


- T H E     T R A I L -

The lat/lon coordinates of the starting point & circle: 38 07' 05.88'' N, 23 46' 18.63'' E     

Altitude: 273 metres above sea level

Trail cartographic Length = 5.3 km

The Trail
Firstly this took the hashers for a exploration of the extension of the Hadrian's Aqueduct northerly-going
surface channel - which took them through a field and across a dry river bed. Then later they followed the same channel
in a southerly direction through the Olympic Village to the point where it converged with the north-eastern surface
channel and then to where the channel disappeared downwards into a deep underground tunnel.

The Olympic Village (and trail) from 7 km altitude.


Hadrian's Aqueduct showing the surface channels (blue arrows) and underground tunnels (red arrows)
that fed it with water from Mount Parnitha. Visible vertical service shafts for the tunnels are shown as red circles.
Many other tunnel service shafts have been buried under buildings, roads, etc. within the village complex.


- T H E     R U N -

Hashers circle-up for a briefing from the hare before the run.

On On and then outside the perimeter fence of the Village.


The hashers are joined by a flock of sheep. Recruitment was looking distinctly better....


Unfortunately the sheep decided to leave and join a gourmet dining club instead.
Spy Shagger expresses her disappointment.


In search of the visible parts of the aqueduct's northern surface channel.
Pity about the thorns and thistles. Explorers frequently have to make sacrifices in their quest for knowledge.

Part of the channel that had been exposed (either by archaeologists or a collapsing top cover)


The hashers now running eastwards & passing the National Blood Bank on the left (just out of the photo)


Passing a horticultural establishment.


A sneak view inside one of the greenhouses. The flowers are in pots about 50cm off the ground.


Fair Cop sensibly follows the trail and climbs through a large hole under a fence and into an area
where the water company is pumping water from boreholes for use in the the Olympic Village.


Other hashers make their life hard and crawl through an alternative but small hole in the same fence.


View of water piping and valves.


On On towards the very wide dry river bed at the north (top) end of the Village.


Down into the (presently dry) river bed and up the other side.
Then the hashers discover it's a false trail.

(This river bed is a confluence of many runoff channels on Mount Parnitha)

On back!
Returning from the falsie, the hashers pass the Village's fire station at the top end of the complex.


Now just inside the village, Spy Shagger checks a fire hose for leakage.
Well, OK she could have done if the firemen weren't watching.


The trail leads the hashers southwards along the northerly surface channel of Hadrian's Aqueduct.
The plexiglass dome houses the point where the N & the N-E channels converge into one channel.


Hashers pose on the channel convergence dome.


The channel continues southwards. Parts of it are nicely displayed under cover of plexiglass.


Spy Shagger & Coke Dealer stop for a photo.


Coke Dealer and Mad Dog


Further south, the plexiglass shelter for the tunnel entrance.


Group photo where the surface channel goes down into the tunnel.


View of the tunnel entrance.
The impressive Roman brickwork has lasted 1800 years.


The trail now leaves the aqueduct and heads north on NIKOLAOU KAKLAMANAKI street
This is an opportunity to see some of the nice houses and gardens in the Olympic Village.


Friendly locals greet the hashers as they head towards the car park & beer.


- T H E     C I R C L E -


The hare's down down


Napoleon's Bony Part & Scarlet Pimp




Doggie Style shows a knee injury from an accidental fall. A flying club offence.


The hasher's fly for Doggie Style


A down down in Doggie Style's own family village wine.


Hashers not wearing hash t-shirts getting punished.


Spanish Fly (suffering from a hangover) gets a down-down to cure it.


Kum Kwik and Bouboulina


Hashers who lost their way to the hash venue because of not reading the directions properly.


Scarlet gets a DIO for still being here.


- T H E     T A V E R N A -

The K18 meat taverna in the Olympic Village at the bottom end of N-S Nikolaou Kaklamanaki street.
(Tel: 210-240-9950,   Web:


The wine arrives and soon the food was served....and just kept coming.


Great value - more Kokoretsi, Kondosouvli, Chicken, Piathakia (plus starters, salads, wine, beer)
than we could eat for 15 Euro per head (the fixed price negotiated by Doggie Style)


All looking stuffed but enjoying the afternoon & company.


Taverna Menu


Taverna Menu









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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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