Warships exhibit
 Paleo Faliro
, Southern Athens


Location of the warships exhibit

Location - close-up view



Location: 37° 56' 3.18" N, 23° 41' 7.08" E

120 ft long, 18 ft wide
Speed more than 9 knots
170 oarsmen, 10 marines, 4 archers, 16 sailors (total 200 men)
Oarsmen arranged in groups of 3 sitting one above the other.
Each oarsman pulling a single oar of equal length.
Principle weapon - bronze ram on the prow at the waterline.
Fast turn of 360 degrees in under 2 boat lengths within 2 minutes.
Tatics - turn at speed to ram and disable enemy vessel & break the enemy line.
This replica trireme launched in Piraeus harbour in 1987.
Design & construction undertaken by 4 Englishmen.

The crew

Exterior ship profile


Technical specifications

Bow view showing wooden ram with bronze sheath

Bow view

Stern view showing the steering oars.
Note the comfortable-looking Commanding Officer's seat at the top-rear

Stern view & covering canopy



Location: 37° 56' 1.27" N, 23° 41' 1.92" E

Some facts:
One third advance payment - from George Averoff's will (funds bequeathed to the Greek Navy)
Constructed - Orlando Shipyards, Livorno, Italy
Launched 27th February 1910
10,200 tons, steel-plated hull.
Italian steam-powered engines of 19,000 hp
22 French boilers
German generators
English Armstrong type cannons of 190 & 234 mm caliber
Top speed 23 knots
The ship saw action in both WWI & WWII and headed the Greek fleet.
Decommissioned in 1952
Layed-up in Poros from 1956 until 1983
Navy decided to restore the ship as a museum in 1984
Large percentage of restoration costs come from donations.
Large donations from the Cyprus Democracy, the Latsis family, the Onassis foundation.

Gangplank up to the ship

Mad Dog & Doggie Style on steps. Spy Shagger & friend to right.


The ship's chapel


One of the 6 gun turrets


Hammocks for the ships crew (a bit crowded to say the least!!)
Their belongings were stored in kit bags hung on the wall (see far left). One bag per sailor.


Comfortable bunk beds for the officers


The captain's cabin with en-suite bathroom


The captain's bathroom


What's this? Forbidden entry (painting in progress) to the .....


The ship's Engine Room !!!!

(We are hashers ...FORBIDDEN??? . NO WAY.  LET'S GO IN.....)


Doggie Style & Clitoria pose in the engine room.
(Let's hope nobody locks the engine room door)


Down yet another level - this is interesting! Rather dusty though. Tools and parts lying on the floor.
Obviously the public are not supposed to be here - but we are not really the public, are we?


Down another level - pressure gauges & the bridge repeater. Good stuff!


The huge piston connecting rods & crankshaft of one of the massive steam engines.


Time to start climbing back up the ladders.


Back on the allowed part of the ship - posing by an art exhibit


Clitoria & Doggie Style wait patiently while Mad Dog takes some more photos.



Location: 37° 56' 3.29" N, 23° 41' 4.27" E

Launched in 1942 in the USA with name USS Charette DD 581
Took part in the battle against the Japanese in the Pacific.
Donated to the Hellenic Navy in June 1959.
Participated in worldwide naval exercises.
During the Military dictatorship (1967-73) the captain & crew acted against the Junta.
Decommissioned and moved to Poros in 1991.
Moved to Paleo Faliro for restoration in 2002
Now a museum dedicated to the struggle against the dictatorship.








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