Papanikoli 88, Halandri
Tel: 210-681-8710
Sex Themed Restaurant

Saturday 7th February 2009

A welcome for Budwanker

Photos & Video: Mad Dog


View of the Kouklaki from the car park


Don't stand too close to this guy!!


Sexy lantern

Some of the exotic wall decorations

Legs & penis jugs on display


Erotic surrealism


Salvador Dali would enjoy seeing this.



Unusual place settings & themed napkins

Themed salt & pepper shakers, cigarette lighters, ash trays

Starters with exotic names, rose and red wine


Pass the carafe of wine, Wet Dream?

She doesn't want to let it go!


The main course arrives & more wine.

Fair Cop tests the meat for tenderness.

Mad Dog had "The Lesbian" - pork stuffed with cheese, etc.


Shagfest gets out the cigarettes


Doggie Style lights-up too.


Shagfest, Coke Dealer & Doggie Style


View of the table - relaxed from the wine.


After the meal - time for some fun!!
Clitoria & Shagfest



Shagfest throttles Mad Dog


Clitoria & Scarlet Pimp behaving badly


Doggie Style sampling the wine carafe


Clitoria says no, this way...


Guest of Honour Budwanker is enjoying the fun.


The desserts arrive. The is Mad Dog's "Blow Job"


And another exotically named dessert.


Clitoria shows her "feminine" dessert!


Lemon liqueur arrives.


Clitoria & Shagfest enjoy theirs in their own special way.


Sparkler in the dark (natural graphic art)