(North-Western Athens)

Run 1506 (Sunday 26th November 2006)

Hares: Maria & Up The Bumper

Photographer: Mad Dog

Total photos: 24
Total filesize: 896 Kilobytes
Minimum 4.26 mins download time at 28.8 KBs

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Garmin Etrex GPS recorded trail overlaid onto Google Earth satellite photo
(Yellow dot was the starting point & circle)


All Day Sucker runs past bee hazard


On the trail (Black Mamba with Polli)


More bees to negotiate on the trail
Panoramic photo (use horizontal scroll)


Live wires!


The circle commences with welcoming a virgin hasher


She gets her first DIO


Virgin hares Maria & Up The Bumper with GM Budwanker


DIO's with smiles



Banger get's the FRB's helmet


Kum Kwik has added something to the Shit of the Week award ...
but what is it?


A packet of dried peas which had expired in 1999 - and that had been
purchased at a grocers in KL close to the original hash....


The award is passed over to Oxymoron (let hope he doesn't eat the peas)


Stress Cow prepares to pass-on the (black) Penis award


But just at that moment All Day Sucker arrives back from his extended run...


So he gets pulled into the circle - to join Kum Kwik & The Bookmaker brought-in
by Stress Cow


Fiery Twat has another 2 awards


Polli is the lucky (?) recipient


Down, down, down


Oxymoron jokingly hands Polli a condom


Hash circle
Panoramic photo (use horizontal scroll)


The virgin hares get a T-shirt to share (stocks must have run low?)


Up The Bumper pulls it on


Then Maria wears it


RA Fair Cop and GM Budwanker have fun with Fiery Twat





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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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