(West of Athens)

Run 1504 (Sunday 12th November 2006)

Hares: Fiery Tw*t assisted by Meningitis

Photographer: Mad Dog

Total photos: 39
Total filesize: 1.36 Mb
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- NEW -

Mad Dog's GPS recorded trail superimposed on a Google Earth satellite image of the area.
The GPS trail fits the roads & paths on the satellite map exactly.
The light-blue circle is the Merenda stables - the starting point & the on-in

Satellite image of Merenda stables and surrounding area


Satellite image of Merenda stables
- and the area where we held the circle (yellow dot)
(GPS: Lat. 37 52.766 N, Lon. 023 56.035 E )


Hashers gather outside the Merenda riding stables before the run

The hashers are on their way...


And you thought the stables were named after a hazelnut-chocolate spread!


(PANORAMIC - use horizontal scroll to view whole photo)
Passing the Markopoulo race track & Olympic equestrian centre


Through fields & vineyards (Coke Dealer with GM Budwanker in the foreground)


Hare FT wonders where the hashers have gone


The East end of the trail (nice house on the hillside)


The non wimp-out South-west section of the trail - below the marble quarry
Coke Dealer & Budwanker


Coke Dealer - with the marble quarry in the background


Arriving at the On-in past the Merenda riding stables


Relaxing before the circle


Banger, Mash & Rim Job
Maria & Up the Bumper in the background


Budwanker does the Hash Cash
(RA Fair cop was in hospital after trying to demolish a wall with his motor bike)


Coke Dealer gets the tankards ready for the circle


GM Budwanker opens the circle


The hares DIO

Meningitis (has grown!)

Mountain Goat gets punished for doing his own trail
up the mountain (where does he get the energy?)


Up the Bumper passes on the front runners helmet to Budwanker


And Budwanker gets a suitable (?) me-me-me song


Oxymoron with his TWO down-downs (latecoming & ?)


Mountain Goat with his 700th run badge
(Our FIRST hasher to reach 700 runs)

A very proud moment!

And a quiet congratulatory kiss from Fiery Tw*t


Punishment for those hashers not wearing hash gear


Banger & Mash are recognised for running this year's
Athens Marathon (the whole 43 kilometres)

Christopher gets called into the circle as he is due for a hash naming


So what shall we call him?
(At this point he is feeling pain from the ice put in his shorts)


The consensus was "Maximus Pooh" & Budwanker named him

Well done MP!


Feeling the effects of the ice-cold beer poured into the funnel


Rim Job gets the fashion award DIO


The Sotiris souvlaki taverna in Markopoulo

(GPS position 37 52.766 N, 023 56.035 E)


After the salad & chips, FT takes the meat orders

Hungry hashers wait for more food & drink

After the meal the hashers chat and have fun





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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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