Mount Pendeli
(Northern Athens)

Run 1502 (Sunday 29th October 2006)

Hare: Andrew

Photographer (+ captions): Andrew

Total photos: 24
Total filesize: 780 Kilobytes
Minimum 3.7 minutes download time at 28.8 Kbits/sec

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Before the start


It is cold


Clitoria with visiting hashers from Atlanta


Some hash stalwarts


They're off but in completely the wrong direction


They try again but are still wrong


Rim Job gets totally confused


Back from another false start


Hope we are right this time!


This looks positive


Up the Bumper says to his friend - looks like we have to go up there.


On Up!


Clitoria say's "At least I made it"


Clitoria gives advice to a virgin hasher



ADS charges on


Somebody went the wrong way again


Mountain Goat leads the pack back from a false trail


Here come some more


Clitoria about to attack the hare after following yet
another false trail


Rim Job chats to a hash virgin


Budwanker looking a bit worn-out


3 new hashers and a visitor from the USA


Crusty from the USA chats to Scrubber & 2 hash virgins


A hash virgin says "Thank goodness the run's over"





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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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