Ano Voula
(Southern Athens)

Run 1500 (Sunday 15th October 2006)

Hares: Clitoria & Scarlet Pimperknickers

- The Circle -

Photographer: Mad Dog

Total photos: 25
Total filesize: 726 Kilobytes
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The circle opens with the two hares.
RA Strawberry4Skin presiding as our GM was on a trip to the USA


After the runners & walkers are asked their opinion about
the trail - the hares Scarlet Pimp & Clitoria get DIO's


Because it's our 1500th run, The Bookmaker awards a collection
of old hash T-shirts (kindly donated by ex-AH3 hasher Bogbrush)
to various hashers including the hares.


A DIO for our members longest with the AH3 -
The Bookmaker & Mountain Goat


S4S reads from his notes


Fiery Tw*t dons her new T-shirt
in an unconventional manner


The Athens Hash needs YOU!

Ex. RA Playboy2 gets an orange-coloured "T"


The harriettes admire his muscular body


Haberdashers Kum Kwik and Scrubber get one too


Kum Kwik, not to be outdone by Playboy2,
poses for the circle


Mad Dog is presented with a blue dog collar
by The Bookmaker and poses with Doggie Style


Gerry, a virgin hasher also gets a T-shirt


And shows he's not too shy (must be the Irish blood)


George (at 82 years, our oldest virgin hasher) is to be named - as sadly
he is leaving Athens (and his apartment in Aegina) for a while and we
want him to leave with a name. Clitoria, for fun, polishes the seat for him.


Strawberry4Skin instructs George "Repeat after me - I'm not worthy"


You will now be known as Boy George


Clitoria has some fun with Boy George

All Day Sucker gets a "T"


Scrubber helps Aliass undress for his "T"


More exposed flesh


Clitoria prepares to pass on the Penis to Fiery Tw*t -
but seems reluctant to give it up!


Fiery Tw*t & Penis


Our (about to be) new RA Fair Cop -
is welcomed in the circle by outgoing RA S4S


Strawberry4Skin reads a farewell
passage at the end of his last
hash circle as RA.




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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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