Ano Voula
(Southern Athens)

Run 1500 (Sunday 15th October 2006)

Hares: Clitoria, Scarlet Pimperknickers

- The Run -

Photographer: Mad Dog

Total photos: 30
Total filesize: 1 Mbyte
Minimum dial-up download time:
4.8 minutes at 28 Kilobits/second

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Looking for the trail - early in the run


Hare Clitoria - sweeps for stragglers


Coke Dealer

Sea snail lost on the mountain

Hare Clitoria "blows" the hash horn


The pack unknowingly follow a false trail up a steep hill


On back!


The rest of the pack also retrace their steps


Aliass (Preston Pete) on a visit from the UK


The trail is laid in purple-coloured flour
(Is this a first?)


No strain, no gain!
Andrew charges on.


Heading for the hillside


Playboy2 with Coke Dealer


One of many doggy supporters on the trail


On up!



Another flour blob


Fiery Tw*t (in the distance)  heads-up a false trail


More doggy friends


Coke dealer looks nervous


Woof - OnOn - woof


Playboy up &
Clitoria down


A view stop


Glass-walled swimming pool with a fabulous view

Panoramic view from Ano Voula towards the sea
(Use horizontal scroll ==>>)


More doggie friends


Special flower photo for The Bookmaker
(a keen botanist)


Purple check


The wild hillside


The Tortoise & The Hare
(Clitoria makes a friend)


Another panoramic view as the pack descends the hill
(Use horizontal scroll ==>>)





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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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