Syngrou Park
(Northern Athens)

Run 1499 (Sunday 8th October 2006)

Hares: Clitoria, Scarlet Pimperknickers, Spanish Fly

Photographer: Mad Dog

Total photos: 42
Total filesize: 1,010 Kilobytes (1.01 Mb)
Minimum dial-up download time: 288 secs (4.8 mins) at 28 Kilobits/second

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Andreas Syggros

Donator of the land for the park & first hasher in the park area


One of ADS's horrors blows a couple of notes on the hash horn
...Which is more than most of our hashers can achieve.
(This young man has musical talent!!!)


The circle in the car park before the run

The hares explain the details of the run -
but as hares are allowed & even expected to be
economical with the truth, no one believes them.


And the runners are away!


They soon encounter a false trail & have to retrace their steps.


Running along the edge of the park next to Kifissias Avenue
and in view of the splendid Piraeus Bank building.


Running along a tree-lined pathway


Modern sculptures by unknown Greek artists find a perfect setting
(by kind permission of the Kifissia council)


And then into the grassy woodland


Budwanker wonders if this is the correct route.


On through the dense trees & undergrowth


A sunny open area at last


Wild cyclamen
(This photo is included specially for The Bookmaker)


Clitoria takes time out to pose with some
flowers she has picked.
(Not that it's difficult to get her in front of a lens...)


The runners have lost the trail & look a bit confused
(Admittedly, heavy rain had washed out some of the blue flour trail marks)


The hares look for their own trail...


Oops! Watch the puddle, Rear Entry!


Rear Entry photographs Mad Dog


Spanish Fly poses by a check


Clitoria says no, no, THIS is the way to pose!


On past the vineyard


There's nothing like running through tickly long, dry grass.


And then "running the gauntlet" past a group of beehives!


The pack charge on through an old orchard area


Then the runners are diverted on to Souvlaki Street :-)


On on through a field


And through some olive trees


And finally back into the park


And from the park, an unexpected view looking over the park to Maroussi & on to Athens
(Use your horizontal scroll to see all of this panoramic picture ===>>>)


A view of the Olympic Stadium complex - and in the foreground, a section
of the park forest burnt by a fire.


After the run & walk, the hashers gather for the Circle in the car park.


The hares get their DIO's


Oxymoron jokes in the circle


Scarlet Pimperknickers gets 2 DIO's
(For front-running his own trail & also laying flower ahead of the runners)


Clitoria & Stress Cow are awarded the peni


Great expression, Clitoria!


Two Veteran T-shirts (yellow) & one Virgin T-shirt (white) are awarded...
to All Day Sucker & Fair Cop ... and Andrew.

A hasher has to lay 10 trails alone or 20 trails with a co-hare
(or a combination of these) to be eligible to receive a Veteran's T-shirt!


The group wear their new T-shirts & get a Down Down


More fun in the circle.




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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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