Island of Aegina
(Close to Athens)

Run 1498 (Sunday 1st October 2006)

Hares: Strawberry4Skin & Andrew

Photographer & Webber: Mad Dog

Total photos: 35
Total page filesize: 1,080 Kilobytes  (1.08 MB)

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NEW! This weeks hashing episode includes a "Spot the Stork" competition!
(But cunningly, seagulls have been included just to confuse you...)


A friendly seagull follows the ferry to Aegina
(Watch it fly after the photos load)

Aegina Ahoy!

An uninhabited islet on the starboard side
(a bit too small for hashing)


This seagull wants to join the AH3
(lured by the prospect of a tasty English breakfast, no doubt)


"Riding along on the crest of a wave"


Some folks hadn't heard about our hash and went sailing


Approaching the port at Aegina


View of the archaeological site from the sea
(sadly, only one column from the temple remains)


The hash started from the beach near the port and
Hamish, IMF & his wife soon pass the archaeological site


RA Strawberry4Skin, Spanish Fly & Andrew are in the lead


...Closely followed by Leanover & Doggy Style


Leanover & Doggy Style pose under a Stork's nest


The trail leads down to the beachfront


Strawberry4Skin, Spanish Fly & Andrew are still in the lead


RA Strawberry4Skin and a friend


Doggie Style and Leanover


Doggie Style and Leanover again


Doggie Style and Leanover yet again


Bougainvillaea and stork


Stone walls enclosing fields of the famous Aegina pistachio trees (LHS)


Strawberry4Skin, Spanish Fly & Andrew keeping up a good pace


(L-to-R) Doggie Style, Leanover, Spanish Fly, Andrew, Strawberry4Skin


And.. your photographer for this page - Mad Dog
(perspiring in the heat & humidity -
and for running ahead to take photos)


Playboy2, IMF and Hamish pose outside the restaurant / bar -
where we were about to have lunch (a late English breakfast)



All patiently waiting for the food


Firstly we get served some wine and beer ... Ahhh!


Then the English breakfast arrives: Bacon, bangers, black pudding,
fried eggs, fried bread, tomatoes & baked beans -with- HP sauce


Everyone tucks in.


Our guest Greek-American film producer John slices his banger


Sadly, time to go.
Doggie Style poses by the fishing boats on the way to the port.


The ferry manoeuvres towards the jetty


Nearly there!


The passengers prepare to disembark in the usual rush


Back in Piraeus, Doggie Style poses on the new bridge - built across the
main road & served by escalators - to make crossing the busy
road safe and easy for passengers.
It's very nice, but why was it not built prior to the 2004 Olympic games?




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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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